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Königreichssaal - Witnessing The Dearth

Witnessing The Dearth
by Seán Leslie at 17 February 2021, 11:50 AM

Königreichssaal are a black metal band from Poland and are fairly new to the black metal scene, having formed as late as 2020 the band wasted little time with getting into the studio and getting some music recorded and released for fans to enjoy as they released their debut full length studio album “Witnessing The Dearth” in December of 2020 via Cult Of Parthenope.

This album is packed with seven tracks for black metal fans to enjoy as the album clocks in at just over forty minutes in length in total there is a lot of material for fans to enjoy.

The album has a very dark and demonic feel to it, throughout all seven of it’s tracks, from the very low sounding sludgy guitar riffs of De Atevs to the equally dark and bottom end heavy drums of Jakob which were held down and made even darker sounding by the bass skills of Papa Artur and the band is made sound even more demonic by the vocals from both De Atevs & Papa Artur for an incredibly dark sounding album.

The albums opening track “Ostium” is the shortest track on the album and is a very ambient and moody track which I like and I think it’s an interesting place to start the album off at.

For contrast, the albums second track “Der Kreuzweg” which translates to English as “The Way Of The Cross” is the albums longest track, clocking in at just over eleven minutes in length alone which means this track alone is a quarter of the entire albums length. This track is very dark and doomy, very demonic sounding, with those deathly growling vocals and very low and slow guitar riffs backed up by hard hitting drums and solid bass playing which any black metal fan will love to hear.

As “Der Kreuzweg” was highlighted for it’s length I should also point out that at eight minutes in length the fourth track “Ladder To Ego” is the albums second longest track and in fact if you combine the length of those two track you nearly have half the length of the album in it’s entirety, in those two tracks alone there is so much for black metal fans to love and that’s just two of seven heavy, doomy, tracks for fans to head bang too.

Having listened to this album in it’s entirety, I can honestly say this album is not to be missed by black metal fans and this band is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Ostium
2. Der Kreuzweg
3. No Light
4. Ladder To Ego
5. Force Majeure
6. Stray Dogs
7. Bez Csazu, Bez Boga, Bez Was
De Atevs – Vocals/Guitar
Papa Artur – Bass/Keyboard/Vocals
Jakob – Drums
Record Label: Cult Of Parthenope


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