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Kolossus - K

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 January 2022, 3:08 PM

Black Metal has many forms of being manifested in music. And it’s just the need of the musicians to express their ideas as they want, because it’s what music is all about. And amongst many different schools, Italian Black Metal has a tradition way, since the days that BULLDOZER came to brutalize ears with “The Day of Wrath”. And this time, the one man band KOLOSSUS is back with “K” showing that the old flame is still burning strong.

Although one can say that Helliminator’s (the mind behind the band) musical work is Black Metal, some melodic contrasts and different elements can be heard in many parts, a personal feature, indeed. It’s obvious that such sets of elements were used before many times since the 90’s, but what is heard on “K” is really persona, full of energy and deserves to be appreciated by all. The songs present a good technical level and are filled with many different arrangements, from harsh and aggressive moments to introspective parts. The sound quality is dry and allows the listeners to understand what is being expressed without problems. But it bears that same old and good feeling that things were recorded in the easier way possible, evading endless digital editions that would damage what the songs are up to. It’s a good choice, indeed.

Musically, “K” is a good offering, and can easily seduce the fans. One bit in moments as “By the Light, to the Dark” (a darkened song with very good contrasts between aggressive parts filled with melancholy, expressed by the contrasts between shrieks and clean voices), the brutal and darkened feeling of “Heartless Horned Kings” (technically simple, it bears a very good work on the guitars’ parts and arrangements), the caustic melodies shown on “Throne of Woods and Fire”, the fiery classic Black Metal approach used on “T.A.A.” and “The Mouth” will easily make of the listener a fan of the band’s work.

Listen to “K” with attention, and you’ll be drowned by KOLOSSUS music.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Dust
2. By the Light, to the Dark
3. Heartless Horned Kings
4. The Last of the Titans
5. Throne of Woods and Fire
6. Outsider
7. T.A.A.
8. The Mouth
Helliminator - All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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