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Kommando Baphomet – Blood Gospels Of Satanic Inquisition

Kommando Baphomet
Blood Gospels Of Satanic Inquisition
by Will Travers at 13 January 2020, 10:09 PM

GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS are well known for being the harbingers of extreme Metal. Some I agree with, others I do not. In this instance, I am sad to say, that I do not.

When I think to Black Metal, I am drawn to bands such as TAAKE, BEHEMOTH, WATAIN or even DIMMU BORGIR. These groups have collectively driven forwards the publicity of the genre and made it much more commercially available. Now of course there will be those who prefer the underground scene and will want to mix with groups that are much less well known. Well, allow me to introduce you to KOMMANDO BAPHOMET.

With their debut album, “Blood Gospels Of Satanic Inquisition”, the 2-piece act from Portugal have managed to create a sound which absolutely baffles the senses. With no real discernable riffs and a feel of a slightly edgy attitude (I know I hate to use that as a statement but I can’t help but think it’s true) the Portuguese Metalheads have pushed the boundaries of even one of Heavy Metal’s most extreme sub genres too far.

The artwork is what you would expect of a Black Metal album, with a standardized goat, pentagram and even the usual decaying faces of various people. Maciej Kamuda has done a good job in producing the artwork and should be proud of what he has achieved in this regard.

The record opens with a promising intro to “Blood Bible”. During this we encounter some enjoyable guitar runs and a stereotypically standard scream, but nonetheless it is a promising start. For me that is about the only real thing promising about this track. From then on, we begin to encounter a mismatch of dissonant sounds that to me just aren’t musical.

There are flourishes throughout the album of skill and promise, with another showing of N’s skill with a guitar during “Chaos Devorador” and it is hopeful to hear. However, it is too infrequent and marred by the overall sound of the respective tracks.

I’m not too sure what the plan for producing this record was. With levels pushed to the max, it creates a very raw sort of experience. In fact, it almost sounds to have a similar quality of recording to someone with a taping machine and a microphone. For me it is simply subpar. Which brings me onto the edgy feel to the album. As all bands are vying for their shot at fame and record deals, we will see more taking extreme measures to take their shot. But the overall standard of music played in this reminds me of a couple of teenagers in a school music room wanting everyone to know they are ‘Metal’. In short, they are playing whatever they can, as loud as they can with no real structure, pattern or flair.

Overall, I am sorry to say, and I am genuinely sorry, that this album is just too difficult to enjoy. I have listened to it time and again to try and bring myself into it, but to no avail. I do not understand why a group would release something that is so difficult to enjoy. But as I said, this is my opinion on the matter, take some time, listen to the track linked below and see if it is for you. I will come back to this in the future to see if it has grown on me.

Songwriting: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 1

1 Star Rating

1. Blood Bible
2. Unholy Fires Of Retribution
3. Chaos Devorador
4. Impious Blackdeath Order Of The Kommando Baphomet
5. Seven Holy Virgins
6. Living Hell
7. Irongoat Coronation
8. A Thousand Corpses
N. – Guitar/Vocals
Vulturius – Drums/Vocals
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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