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Konkhra – Sexual Affective Disorder (Reissue)

Sexual Affective Disorder (Reissue)
by Ricardo “Lebzul” Brenes at 02 August 2021, 9:43 AM

There are several different ways to look at reissues, there is no doubt, they are a window to the past, a highlight or milestone in a band’s career, a reference point to look at their evolution,  or somehow, a way to bring forth an album that had fresh new elements and ideas brought up at a time in which they were far from being fully understood or comprehended, music we use to call “ahead of it’s time”. The roots of KONKHRA date back to the late 80’s when they played under the name VICIOUS CIRCLE.

“Sexual Affective Disorder” was released back in 1993, a golden era for Death Metal, and bands like KONKHRA were pushing the boundaries of DM further introducing some progressive elements into their music, being very technical and varied when everyone seemed to try to copy the Swedish sound made then so popular by bands we all know. KONKHRA was not so streamlined as their peers and dared to try new things. Being this case, the reissue of this album provides an insight to those who didn’t jump into the bandwagon and tried to keep their integrity and individual sound as a band. The sound and music all in all will sound just as fresh and catchy as any new album put out nowadays, with an organic sound, far from being mechanized as too many of the new and “progressive” bands sound nowadays. This re-issue also contains a bonus CD/LP with the “Stranded” (1992) and “Malgrowth” (1991) EP’s, plus “The Vicious Circle” (1990) demo. Everything is in a chronological backwards order so you get the newest releases first and then move on to the older ones till you get to the very first demo.

There are a lot of great riffs on this album and as mentioned above the overall sound of the band is very compact, so every note played hits you in full with every member adding weight to the pounding strikes of their music. Some of the songs I must highlight from the album are “Visually Intact” which starts with tight bass lines, thrashy riffing and vocals reminiscent of their demo years, and “Thoughts Abandoned” which has a grindish vibe. The overall sound is truly heavy, mid-paced for the most, and compact. The bonus EP’s and demo obviously have a very raw and primitive sound some DM fans find most appealing, I myself included, the band did sound more brutal in their early material and back then it was brutality over technicality for me in many ways. I would love to hear songs like “Time Will Destroy” from the “Stranded” EP with the much better production the album had, this EP was really solid.

“Malgrowth” had more Thrash riffing into it, though the vocals had more DM growls than their following efforts where vocals mix styles more constantly and I could perhaps feel a POSSESSED influence in the songwriting of this EP, especially in “Lustration of the Need”. From this EP and almost from the whole re-release my favorite track would be “Deathwish”, faster, aggressive, killer riffs. “The Vicious Circle” demo has a lot more of a Thrash sound and the guitar tone and vocals are pretty much responsible for it. This is a nice way to get a hold of an album that back then, showed a different face of European Death Metal of the early 90’s. For collectors and band followers it is a nice way to get a hold of the band’s early works into one package and add it to the collection. This is great Death Metal by all means. This is one of those old school albums that back then, set the foundations for the sound of today. For the most, a classic, pure collector’s item.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Center of the Flesh
2. Seasonal Affective Disorder
3. The Dying Art
4. Visually Intact
5. Evilution
6. Lucid Dreams
7. Blindfolded
8. Thoughts Abandoned
9. Chaos ton Climb
10. Empty Frames
11. Time Will Destroy (Stranded EP)
12. Day-Break (Stranded EP)
13. Stranded (Stranded EP)
14. The Dead Moon (Malgrowth EP)
15. Black Sun (Malgrowth EP)
16. Lustration of the Need (Malgrowth EP)
17. Spread Around (Malgrowth EP)
18. Deathwish (Malgrowth EP)
19. Web of Nemesis (The Vicious Circle Demo)
20. Vicious Circle (The Vicious Circle Demo)
21. Hunger (The Vicious Circle Demo)
22. Living Savages (The Vicious Circle Demo)
Anders Lundemark – Vocals, Guitars
Martin Kristensen - Bass
Johnny Nielsen – Drums
Kim Mathiesen – Guitars
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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Edited 21 September 2021

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