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Korpiklaani – Beer Beer

Beer Beer
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 21 March 2019, 2:33 AM

You have to have confidence in yourself and have some serious guts to put out a 14 song album with 14 different versions of the same song! Well KORPIKLAANI decided that what the hell, they decided to have fun with it and have one hell of a party. They brought out their friends and you can definitely feel they had a lot of fun doing these different versions of songs. It’s not even remixes, some songs are completely different from the original version of the song nonetheless.

Yes some variants of the song are very interchangeable, the Russian Version (except the added flute parts), German Version and Greek Version are quite the same except the obvious language used during the songs. The singers have the same edge to them but I prefer the German Version, hell, it sounds like a good old German Drinking Song during Octoberfest! These are practically the same versions but with that particular variant. The last time I saw band putting out different versions (language wise) of one song was BLIND GUARDIAN and that was way back in 2002 for ‘’A Night at the Opera’’ and that song was ‘’Harvest of Sorrow’’ which was translated in French and other languages afterwards.

Christopher Bowes pretty much kills it with his version and adds his unique twist to the song. It really sounds like an ALESTORM song right off the bat and I am a huge ALESTORM supporter for the last decade or so. It’s like listening to a new ALESTORM song and that made me smile so much. Props to Steve ‘’Retro’’ Zousa, the Thrash Metal legend that brings an almost insane hardcore version of the song and he adds the shrieking vocals we listened to as young lads in the beginning of the legendary EXODUS back in the day! The song is definitely the most aggressive of all the versions.

I would say it was a real pleasure to hear Jesper from TURISAS, hell it’s been 6 years since their last album! Can’t wait to get their long awaited new material because the 2013 album left a bad taste in my mouth and felt was a step backwards in the band. But I was really glad to hear his voice again after all those years. TROLLFEST, what can I say about them? Probably the weirdest Folk Metal band out there, and the weirdest live band I have ever seen in my twenty years of going to see shows. They are unique, fun and hell, they even created their own language. Their version of ‘’Bier Bier’’ is chaotic to say the least, this is the most ‘’out there’’ version on this release bar none. A lot of bands (and band members) I don’t know much about on this album, probably a number of more localized acts and friends of the bands but all of them add a little twist to each version they appear on.

A really enjoyable experience and this release was a breath of fresh air and what a lot of toe-tapping fun!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Kalja (featuring Vesku from KLAMYDIA)
2. Bier Bier (featuring Gerre from TANKARD)
3. Bra Bra (featuring FLERET)
4. I I (featuring TROLLFEST)
5. Shai Shai (featuring NYTT LAND)
6. Birra Birra (featuring Emilio from SKILTRON)
7. Beer Beer (Russian Version) (featuring TROLL BENDS FIR)
8. Pivo Pivo (featuring Meri from IRIJ)
9. Beer Beer (Greek Version) (featuring Jesper from TURISAS)
10. Pivo Pivo (featuring Milan from ASCHAR)
11. Beer Kill Kill (featuring Steve ‘’Retro’’ Zousa from EXODUS)
12. Beer Mead (featuring Chris Bowes of ALESTORM)
13. Mellanol (featuring Viking Danielson from SVARTA IJUSET)
14. Beer Beer (featuring HEIDEVOLK)
Jonne Jarvela – Vocals
Jarkko Aaltonen – Bass
Matson – Drums
Cane – Guitars
Tuomas Rounakari – Violin
Sami Perttula – Accordion
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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Edited 19 July 2019

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