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Korpituli – The Ancient Spells of the Past

The Ancient Spells of the Past
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 October 2021, 8:59 AM

From their EPK, “Dim mist rising from the soil, mysterious eyes watch from the looming darkness, an ancient fire burns in this timeless magical atmosphere. This is KORPITULI…melancholic, nostalgic dark art from the north. Pause for a while and take a journey with us on these forgotten paths, into the dark mystical woods, feel the sense of longing for something unheard for, something that perhaps never was or never again shall be, to a realm beyond the pass of time and feel the serene grief when you behold the pale wandering lost souls on their endless voyage to a home they cannot reach.” The album contains six tracks.

“On Forgotten Paths” leads off the album. It begins with some lead guitar notes, leading to a heavy charge of riffs and drums, complete with vocal screams. Around the half-way mark, the sound drops to some ambient notes, with hushed spoken words, and more of those leads. “At Nightfall” is a much shorter piece, with some harrowing keyboard notes. “Longing for the Unheard of” features a slow grind with a full plate of supporting sounds. The supporting sounds are thick and scary. “Into the Magical Realm of the Woods” opens with slow keyboard notes. Guitars join in, and the song takes on new heights of doom and gloom. Imagine walking down a starlit path at night which suddenly disappears, leading you to a place you never visited before.

“The Ancient Spells of the Past” is another slow-moving song with plenty of frightening notes. One thing the composer is good at is these harrowing sounds that crop up here and there. This song also has a chorus…something not that common in the genre. “Pale Homeward Souls” closes the album. It begins with some depressing notes, and some vocal screams. Unlike the other tracks on the album, the despondence is dialed up here, and is absolutely gutting. What a cold and desolate way to end an album.

Black Metal is an interesting genre, often split right down the middle when it comes to fans. There are those who hold onto the past, unwavering in their plight to want traditional sounds from the FWOBM, and there are those who want more experimentation out of the genre. I am the latter for sure, because I say why waste time on a product from the past? This album fits pretty squarely into the former category, though the dark notes are memorable. It’s nothing to get too excited over.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. On Forgotten Paths
2. At Nightfall
3. Longing for the Unheard of
4. Into the Magical Realm of the Woods
5. The Ancient Spells of the Past
6. Pale Homeward Souls
S.Korpituli – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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