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Korpus - Respekt

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 December 2017, 2:45 AM

Now this is something I haven’t definitely got used to. In the past I reviewed various of bands singing in their mother tongues, but I never had the chance to review a Polish sung album. However, no matter that language used, music is still music, Rock and still Rock even if you can’t relate to any of the lyrics or vocals. For my debut, I received a band that is regarded as the leader of the Polish Rock scene. You might even call them one of the true pioneers of Rock in Eastern Europe, hailing from the early 80s and lived happily to tell many tales. This band is named KORPUS, and after almost 30 years of silence, they are back in town to retake their position as a premier Rock band.

Making a comeback after so much time is never easy, especially since everything is different nowadays, the public demands things that might not be that common earlier. Nonetheless, no matter when and where, adjustments can always be made. KORPUS set their foot back in with “Respekt”, maintaining themselves as a Polish band for the Polish commonwealth. Honestly, it was my first time ever listening to them so I didn’t have the chance to experience their 80s legacy. Even so, “Respekt” presented numerous sides to Rock that have been twisting within the band’s songwriting. Between slightly turning artistic, drenching into atmospheric realms to straight up Rock till you drop Rock N’ Roll, the Poles wanted to show their diversity and their relevance to modern times. Therefore, “Respekt” appeared as a sort of a heavier AOR, emotive yet with spillage of wildness.

I have to admit that it was not that of a smooth sailing for me with this album due to its Polish language. Nothing against it of course, yet after being noticing that Latin oriented languages appeared to be getting along with the music, in particular Spanish as the tongue after English that is very popular, Polish was somewhat harder to digest. Nevertheless, I got through it and was able to make the connection. The AORish “As”, the right track at the right time, led me forward into the band’s world, a spirited 70s meets 80s feel, great groove by the rhythm section and the crunch of the riffing. “Imperator” sung a different tune, LED ZEPPELIN meets DEEP PURPLE, a kind of Bluey feeding led by a traditional 70s Rock riff encrusted by a chorus that is on the verge of YES. “Esemes” and “Nienasyceni” are the band’s softer moods, with the former sounding more like 80s MARILLION and the latter, being beautifully dramatic, drips with class, a perfect AOR tune in Polish. The Punk Rock driven “Bal Żebraków” and lead single, which was quite nice but not a competitor to the previously mentioned, “Żądło”.

Quite an inspiring experience to listen to such a veteran band. Though I would suggest opening up their horizon and get in line with English similar to other bands in their country, but I guess this decision is theirs to make.


4 Star Rating

1. As
2. Nafta
3. Żądło
4. Tajemnice
5. Poste Restante
6. Bal Żebraków
7. Esemes
8. Imperator
9. Nienasyceni
10. Respekt
Janusz "Johan" Stasiak - Vocals
Wiktor Pietrzykowski - Guitar
Marek "Czaszka" Balaszczuk - Guitar
Cezary "Dziadek" Łostowski - Bass / Vocals
Piotr "Mucha" Muszyński - Drums
Włodek "Mariano" Tyl - Keyboards / Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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