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Krave - Exposure Award winner

by Chloe O' Brien at 05 April 2021, 5:37 PM

KRAVE will be releasing their first EP “Self Exposure” in April 2021. KRAVE are Hard Rock band consisting of three talented musicians from Brisbane Australia. They are inspired by bands PANTERA, TOOL, and CKY.

The staccato drum beat in KRAVE’s track “Outta Control” is so prominent. Its sounds exciting and carries through the whole song. The chorus portraits being out of control very well as there is a whooshing from side to side from the instruments. Through the crashes and double kick on the drums, the scream in the vocals and breakdowns with the guitar riffs. The vocals are very powerful, and her growls are well done.

Alchemy” stood out to me the most as it has a great breakdown as it is ending, deemed suitable for headbanging. There are different styles of singing the way the vocalist growls “alchemy” at the beginning of each chorus is so angry sounding it fits perfectly in the song. and it complements the heavy drums, guitar riff to end the track with a crash on drums abruptly. This is one of KRAVE’s heavier tracks. There is a breakdown at the 2-minute mark where the vocals are spoken and growled, the guitars and bass have got a funky rhythm. There is an outro of a guitar solo.

In their song “Running” the lyrics have a lot of emotion. It explains how a girl who is running and hiding in her own head. The high screech of the guitar in some parts added to heavy guitar and drums sets a sinister feeling. the way the vocals. Bass, guitar and drums have the same rhythm in chorus, it adds dimension to the song. There is great use of the vocalist range on this track. Sienna has great control over her voice, and it is evident in this song. The guitar and bass set a sinister feeling in the background and the drums in the chorus are brutal. There is emotion behind the vocals and lyrics.

This band is impressive with only few songs it is crazy how good they managed to come across. Their music is something to look forward to seeing at a live show. They showed us how they can use their talent from the heavy breakdowns, clear vocals with good range and their overall style. They had similar elements in the vocals but heavier sound as the band FLY LEAF and vocals similar to AVRIL LAVIGNE, but with more aggression and power.

Musicianship: 10
Production: 10


4 Star Rating

1. Outta Control
2. Alchemy
3. Running 
Siana Davis - Vocals & Bass
Ryan White - Guitar
Sam Bertolone – Drums 
Record Label: Independent


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