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Kreator - Cause For Conflict (Reissue) Award winner

Cause For Conflict (Reissue)
by Harel Golstein at 15 February 2018, 3:25 AM

A few things KREATOR's founder, frontman and mastermind, Mille Petrozza, has been doing really well, is bashing state institutions, social hierarchy, organized religion and conservative world views. All this mash is wrapped in dense extreme albums, one after the other since 1982. By this point at the band's career, writing and releasing iconic Thrash Metal anthems and extreme sounds have paved KREATOR the way for global success and a near modern Metal god status.

In 1995's "Cause For Conflict", which is currently being reissued by Noise Records, the charismatic Petrozza steps in familiar paths and rages in a furious output that seems to embody many of KREATOR's old features of attitude and abilities. One of the main reasons I always liked "Cause For Conflict" so much is that it feels like a refined mix of or an embodiment of everything that KREATOR done so far and bound to do in coming albums. As a crispy extra to this reissue copy features 3 tracks that were never officially released in any of the band's studio albums such as "Suicide In Swamps", "Limits Of Liberty", and "State Oppression". Furthermore, Petrozza explains in his interview, which is a part of the booklet, what has been keeping the band going throughout "Cause For Conflict"'s making along with him remaining, even for a short term eventually, the sole founder of the band.

In addition, this reissue is a great reminder of just how angry, and creative, KREATOR were back in the day, and still are, when they wanted to. "Cause For Conflict" is relentless, heavy and in your face the entire way through. The sound is top notch in comparison to older albums and stands the test of time well. The songwriting is inspired, the riffs are fast and memorable, and Petrozza's lyrics are exceptionally charged. The overall effect has a very 90's feel, but not in terms of melody or catchiness but more in the sense that KREATOR weren't scared to incorporate a subtle vibe of industrial, Nu Metal, or some Hardcore mashed groove.

Joe Cangelosi, in his onetime deal with KREATOR due to Ventor's temporary departure, manning the drums gives a good performance that might remind you of typical SLAYERish drumming style in the vain of "Divine Intervention" or even "Reign In Blood". Newly recruited bass player, Christian Giesler, proved himself prolific in his debut record, and alongside Petrozza's guitar ethics, the additional guitar responsibilities, which were taken by Frank Blackfire never left any doubt.

Rampaging in their newly found Hardcore vision, which began swarming their songwriting back in "Renewal", the effect also took place in this here album. Therefore, you would find that some of the songs are super short and punchy, like "Bomb Threat" and "Dogmatic", for instance. "Celestial Deliverance" and "Sculpture Of Regret" are more in the vain of "Renewal" but show a much heavier front. Charged up with groove and comprehensive Punk riffing vibe can be noticed in "Isolation" and "State Oppression".

Purchase Link: BMG

4 Star Rating

1. Prevail
2. Catholic Despot
3. Progressive Proletarians
4. Crisis Of Disorder
5. Hate Inside Your Head
6. Bomb Threat
7. Men Without God
8. Lost
9. Dogmatic
10. Sculpture Of Regret
11. Celestial Deliverance
12. Isolation
13. Suicide In Swamps
14. Limits Of Liberty
15. State Oppression
Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik - Guitars
Mille Petrozza - Vocals / Guitars
Christian Giesler - Bass
Joe Cangelosi – Drums
Record Label: Noise Records


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Edited 16 December 2018

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