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Kriegszittern - Kriegszittern Award winner

by Craig Rider at 02 August 2021, 3:12 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: KRIEGSZITTERN; hailing from the glory of Germany, performing Death Metal - on their self-titled sophomore compilation album. (released June 18th, 2021).

Since formation in 2015; the quartet in question have 3 Demos: “Demo” (released July 22nd, 2015), “Frostbite” (released August 16th, 2015); “Demo Compilation” (released 2016), and “Stratofortress” (released July 21st, 2019). 1 Split: “Kriegszittern / Minenfeld” (released February 3rd, 2017); 1 Full-Length Album: “Yellow Cross” (released November 15th, 2018), and 2 Compilation albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 2nd self-titled compilation album featuring 17 tracks that ranges at around 56:33, KRIEGSZITTERN arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this acoustic but dark hymn as an eerie crescendo upscales with mountainous satanism on ritualistic banishments as “Stormcaller” begins the record with foreboding but feverish harmony, until these raspy vocal chords from Eddi consists of throaty bellows and deep guttural growls while this smear of distorted fuelled grit concretely manifests with sinister embrace. “Mindfield” fabricates a boisterously bouncy calamity in groovy gnarliness, amplified adrenaline and savage melody. Stampeding with rampantly rompy maelstrom malignance while steamrolling with scouring trailblazing, which skyrockets with sonically seamless snares that ramifies with primitively raw mayhem.

 “Deserter” elements at an extreme overdose on some intense guitar chugs, frolicking gallops and belting clobberings in which outburst with tight punchline weight while audible bassist Fapp injects an infectious barrage frenzy in blistering thumpiness while Faxe on drums hammers his set with rambunctiously piledriving tonality - the drums have an evolving flavour where they sound demo-esque at times, yet you get used to the ominously vicious smacks the bombastic berserker bruises you with. “Yellow Cross” surges with stompy precision while chiselling kicks lacerate with organic substance, ruthless pandemonium & quintessential virtuosity, showcasing Stef’s abominable heat in rapidly swift nimbleness, potently vibrant solidity merges with malevolent aesthetics in blasphemous aggression. Profane meatiness monstrously crafts an intense firepower attribute in deadly/deathly contrast, rumbling with reverberating malice & rampaging chaos giving off this trembling systematic on versatile vehemence while nasty tempos shred with monolithic dexterity.

Gladiator” has a catchy foundation in borderline crunchiness, demonstrating bulldozing heft while chunky havoc distributes fierce momentum while slaying grinds element flamboyant experimentation on technical uproar which smothers you with jumpy rhythms & piercing remedies while pugnaciously volatile rips soar with towering grooves, bellowing barks amongst a diabolical virulence on venomously sturdy thuds while hostile brutality shrieks through you to unearth maddening yet massively neck-breaking belligerence ten-fold. “Artifacted Irreligion” is a cover from Death Metal titans - BENEDICTION - a hardened fusion of classic crust-punk meshed with meandering but incredibly mean propulsion, where an intriguing hybrid on old school speed & visceral deathcrust examines a joint jamboree on high-impact collusion.

Empty Eyes” constructs a killer strike on demolition in which will rattle skulls with berserking insanity; the sound of persistent perseverance engages in a ferocious slab of raze, noisy terror & bludgeoning blast beats which will possess you to break chairs over other chairs in no time. “Surrender” harnesses hypnotising grovellings, where swampy riffs one-two pummel with tenacious revs & radically wicked strength while the vocals conjure a hurling but grim gravitation on sulfurous dread. “Green Hell'' empowers an evil embodying haste on snappy descegration, as drony grips bleeds out with maniacal annihilation, advancing toward the quaking speed-fest “Inferno” – this one heightens furnaces with nothing but ballsy beefiness & rollicking craziness as combustible hellfire implodes with tormenting zeal. While the explosive groove-bomb “Forgotten Rituals'' tones that quickness down a notch with wailing significance, pushing their limits with every ounce of muscle KRIEGSZITTERN provide with to shellshock you with thrashing but disjointed chemistry in caustic retribution. While “Phantom Pain'' chops bashfully with strident anarchy, furore and uproarious tempest.

Hellfire” burns like a worshipping sacrament of liturgy and schizophrenic madness, where this psychotic take over banishes an unholy devilment upon you to outbreak with prolific lunacy (of the good kind of course). While the overall concluding meltdown “Stratofortress” rushes with wild sharpness onto this thermonuclear warfare of tribal distinction, fury and distinguished hullabaloo echoing forward with cavernous grime charging onto surrealism that trails through these shambling rifts that trigger this rotten sound production that all Death Metal maniacs will shroud with relishingly.

Not to forget in leaving out the grizzly Live Bonus tracks: “Flamethrower”; “Blackwater” & “Carapace” which add a distant but harrowing outre on some Death/Doom variety, there is a lot to dig your teeth into where this mouldering of wretched panache salubriously offers profusely robust songwriting musicianship blindingly as dazy conundrums in malleable trance asks an indelible invitation to you to thrill and immerse yourself with some barbaric Death Metal bestiality for all eardrums to endure in on. “Kriegszittern” is a giant behemoth which thrills you with enjoyably entertaining but headbanging Death Metal venom which most surely deserves a good handful of spins, replayable and a discovery highly recommended should those desire a demonic state of transformation which will no doubt either unleash this badassery type of motivation, or this subjugated enrapture in delirious hysteria all round.

Bottom line; KRIEGSZITTERN most certainly outdone themselves with their self-titled compilation album, a spectacle of strapping performances which will surely start your day off right. Do check it out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Stormcaller
2. Mindfield
3. Deserter
4. Yellow Cross
5. Gladiator
6. Artifacted Irreligion (Benediction Cover)
7. Empty Eyes
8. Surrender
9. Green Hell
10. Inferno
11. Forgotten Rituals
12. Phantom Pain
13. Hellfire
14. Stratofortress
15. Flamethrower (Live)
16. Blackwarter (Live)
17. Carapace (Live)
Fapp - Bass
Faxe - Drums
Stef - Guitars
Eddi - Vocals/Guitars
Record Label: Chaos Records


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Edited 22 May 2022

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