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Kringa - All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart! Award winner

All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart!
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 01 March 2023, 2:52 PM

During the Age of Darkness unleashed in the 90’s (the Second Wave of Black Metal), the fans had their eyes turned to countries as Norway, Greece, France, Sweden, and Finland. But there was pretty good acts out of these nations, proving that the genre had spread throughout the world. The name of Austria never had a great appeal amongst Black Metal fans, besides acts as ABIGOR were highly praised. Today, another good act arises on Austrian scene: KRINGA, as heard on the band’s second album, “All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart!”.

The band has an appeal that can classify their music as a Second Wave Black Metal (SWOBM, the one unleashed in the first half of the 90’s), due its Old School outfit on the instrumental parts and vocals. But there are elements that are different of the usual, some melodic traits that brings to their work a fresh and darkened energetic appeal. It’s different, somber and filled with a morbid energy, but filled with Black Metal hooks, and the instrumental technic is on a level that is what’s needed to create many rhythmic contrasts (as heard on “Across the Firmament, Stride!”). Yes, it’s very good to hear such form of music!

Moritz Morast (recording, mixing) and Daniel Husayn (mastering) are the ones who created the sonority of “All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart!”, aligning the decision of the band for organic and simple instrumental tunes with a solid and defined sonority. It sounds bitter and primal, but defined and understandable. The same Morast named above appears as special guest on the additional vocals, as Barth on the additional percussions. And the artwork of J. Meindlhumer for the cover states clear that we are dealing with an Old School Black Metal act.

 On “Across the Firmament, Stride!” the band shows sets of very good rhythmic contrast created by bass guitar and drums (with morbid and melancholic ambiences appearing in the middle of the aggressive outfit, with somber melodies boosting things up), and “Gardens in Bloom” brings catchy elements of the past, with morbid guitar riffs and tremolo picking parts (and what lovely contrasts between vocal tunes) and nasty Hardcore touches.

On “Ablution”, the fans will have a faster and brutal song (in the SWOBM form), again filled with Hardcore hooks and very good darkened contrasts. The same set of elements appears again on “Labyrinth Heirs”, but with more traditional SWOBM rhythms (and what lovely guitars arrangements). The intro of “Vortex of Stillborn Fires” shows some unusual traits for Black Metal before exploding with energy and fast speed (but obviously with many rhythmic shifts built upon fine playing of bass guitar and drums). And “Improvisation N.A.4.7.” brings the band’s music some Black Metal experimental touches.

Closing, “Yoke of a Mirror Shard” brings some influences of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in some moments (as in the beginning of the song), but always into a chaotic Black Metal maelstrom. Besides “All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart!” is just the second album of KRINGA (that is active since 2009). And it means that these guys still have a lot to show!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Across the Firmament, Stride!
2. Gardens in Bloom
3. Ablution
4. Labyrinth Heirs
5. Vortex of Stillborn Fires
6. Improvisation N.A.4.7.
7. Yoke of a Mirror Shard
Berstuk - Bass, Vocals
Vritra - Guitars, Vocals
Neidr - Guitars
Talon - Drums, Additional Vocals
Record Label: Terratur Possessions


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