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Kruk - Be 3

Be 3
by Shane "WickedLyx" Norris at 21 January 2013, 3:59 PM

I'm not sure how or where to begin with this review, so I'll pose the question…

How do you classify a good (or even great) Hard Rock album? I'll give you some examples of what I think are good Hard Rock bands from the 80's, 9.0, LION, FASTWAY, Y&T, SCORPIONS, WHITESNAKE etc… What do all these bands have in common? Bad ass vocalists.

KRUK is a Hard Rock band from Poland, offering up their third release “Be 3”, with influences from some pretty impressive Hard Rock bands – DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, JIMI HENDRIX and (don't think DIO is Hard Rock) DIO.

With all that said, here is my review…

“Rising Anger” starts things off, which has all the ingredients needed for a good Hard Rock song, with one exception, Thomas "Cherry" Wisniewski's vocals. I'm not sure really how to describe his voice, its soft, high pitched, and honestly, very annoying. His voice seems to over power (could be a production thing) every song on the album.

Next up is “Steal Your Heart”, the "classic" Hard Rock ballad that was huge in the 80s. This song seems to suit Wisniewski vocals a bit more. Things get heavier with the third track “Master Blaster”, with a faster pace and some brutal vocals at the end.The fourth track “At The Desert” reverts back to a Hard Rock ballad. Calling You picks up the pace with a nice catchy, bluesy, good time song. The kind of song that makes you want to grab a beer. The songs don't change much for the rest of the album, Hard Rock, Hard Rock Ballad. They finish off the album with a cover of the DEEP PURPLE song “Child In Time”.

Stand out songs – “Master Blaster”, “Calling You”, “It's Gone” and the two instrumentals.

I'm reviewing the Digi-Pak edition which has five bonus tracks, two instrumentals, and three with vocals in Polish. The first two instrumental mixes are from songs on the album, “Rising Anger” and “Burnin' Inside”, both are excellent.

This is a very good Hard Rock album, and has all things needed to classify it as such. I just can't get my head around the vocals. They remind me of EUROPE (which is a bad thing in my ears)and distract me from the excellent music being played. I do want to say I wrote this review after listening to the album two times. I wanted to be fair, so I put the album on my MP3 player and listened to it all week, and unfortunately haven’t changed my opinion. I can't stress enough how good the music is on this album, I just can't get past the vocals.

3 Star Rating

1. Rising Anger
2. Steal Your Heart
3. Master Blaster
4. At the Desert
5. Calling You
6. Burnin' Inside
7. Miss Sometimes
8. It's Gone
9. On The Station
10. Child In Time
11. Rising Anger (Instrumental Mix)
12. Burnin' Inside (Instrumental Min)
13. Jestem Bogiem
14. Jak Glaz
Peter Brzychcy - Guitar
Thomas "Cherry" Wisniewski - Vocals
Christopher Smith - Bass
Dariusz Nawara - Drums
Michael Kuryś - Keyboards
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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