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Krushhammer - Blood, Violence and Blasphemy

Blood, Violence and Blasphemy
by Andrew Harvey at 24 November 2022, 4:09 AM

This band are from two regions of the South American country of Brazil and they would consider themselves or their music as blackened speed metal. This is certainly a subgenre that is not unheard of but even for a Brazilian outfit such as KRUSHHAMMER, they have been influenced by the likes of POWER OF HELL and SARCOFAGO. They released their EP which was suitably named SPEED BLACKING HELL containing four tracks. This band are fronted by vocalist Marcel Krusher, followed by guitarist NEKKROLUCIFER, then there is bassist ALBERTH GERMÂNIO and finally on drums is HELLISH. After their EP release in 2019 and single release of “Try Suicide” has led to the next step in KRUSHHAMMERS conquest of blackened speed metal. The new album and first by the band called BLOOD, VIOLENCE AND BLASPHEMY as its starter track “Morbid Future” opens with sizzling guitar licks and focused drum patterns.

Vocals symbolize the satanic approach as black metal and speed metals are combined as one big metal sandwich that is tasty. It is but a short intro of crashing drums with heavy bass setting the tone to the next track. This is “Apocalyptic Cult” as cymbal hits and centralized guitar vigorously playing in the vicious sense of nature. Drums are on the attack and fighting yet spitting hot shots as vocals dig deep in tone as black metal swallows up the vocals. Drums pulsate halfway through as the madness ensues with killer guitar riffs. “Evil Domain” with stomping drums galloping away as vocals and electric guitar accompany each other. Constant kicks and screams keep this track going as it propels the listener into deeper waters.

Rolling drum fills are featured and electric guitar simply follows on with “Sorcery Rites” as drum fills underline the ideology can be heard very clearly in the mix. Guitar cuts through like a knife in the darkness so to speak yet no vocals to hear so rather unusual. “The Witcher” with sustained cymbal hits and the ground shattering drum parts as vocals return to terrify the other elements of this track. Even an occult scream is wicked as non stop guitar and drums are in motion as we head into “Into The Night”. Mid range frequency drum tone and texture is in existence as guitar chops through as vocals reap what they can from the nightmare scenario of speed metal. “Born To Blasphemy” is the momentum and perhaps the catalyst going further on with blasting drums, guitar and vocals filthy as before.

Stammering drum notation as guitar follows a similar rhythm the drums crescendo with a build up. “Find The Undead” as altered drum tracks from the guitar driving the chaos as vocals carry on to justify the meaning of ‘blackened speed metal’. Even the pitch of guitar is indicated by the changes in drum patterns. “Try Suicide” as stamping drums plummet as vocals are sinister creating maddening mania as guitar is also the culprit in this process of elimination. Vocals break for a bit to allow the other elements to become more clarified as we approach the final frontier. “Satanic Fire” with experimental patches of guitar and drums with burning crescendos melting through the mix. Vocals howls and bickers as the end is in sight with electric guitar making their final stand with quick solos or vibrato bursts. The final section serves its purpose and closes out the album which has potential as the speed metal dosed with black metal vocals mesmerizing, yet fantastic.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Morbid Future
2. Apocalyptic Cult
3. Evil Domain
4. Sorcery Rites
5. The Witcher
6. In The Night
7. Born To Blasphemy
8. Find The Undead
9. Try Suicide
10. Satanic Fire
Marcel Krusher - Vocals
Nekkrolucifer - Guitars
Alberth Germânio - Bass Guitar
Hellish - Drums
Record Label: Hellprod


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