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Kryptamok – Verisaarna

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 13 July 2020, 10:50 AM

New blood Finnish Black Metal solo Project, KRYPTAMOK release their first album following the demo released in 2018. Hex does all the main work, but cannot find confirmation that he or anyone else does the drumming, so I think it’s a safe bet to say its all him. Let’s see what he has put together.

Loputon, totaalinen sota” opens the album, and with no warning just explodes, no slow start or intro. Good move. The pace and tempo are hitting fully, right up at the height of potential. No idea what is being said, but the vocals are not distorted or non-understandable to those that Finnish I’m sure. The control of the song is brilliant, its well-balanced at the same time as showing raw and aggression. It’s a great start to the album, having some melodic instrumental stages at the end is a brilliant addition and just raises the song for me.

Apokalypsin epilooki” keeps up with the raw pace and aggression that we heard in the opener. The pace does dip slightly, but its because the song goes into more of a melodic, whilst still having the vocals. It reminds me of old school, pre-prison DISSECTION. Its more skills on display throughout the song, it never fails to hit the expectations set down on the previous song. This song is so well-balanced that it shows a true coherence with the elements of the artist, there is seemingly no emphasis on one element over another, which is a great thing.

Saastan rekviemi” takes off with the pace left down by its predecessor. Its that old school Melodic Black Metal vibe that really pulls further interest to the song for me. It shows a true artisery once more in this beautiful harmonic peace, the pace may not be as fast as we have heard, but fuck it, its not needed the beauty of this melodic piece is brilliant. This song is making the album continue to improves, adding further depth we didn’t hear before.

Susien äitee” has the Blackened Thrash aspect returning to it, the pace has gone back to where it was at the start of the album, it’s a good switch nice and early into the album, leaving us wanting more. The tempo keeps itself at a good and healthy level as the song continues to expand into areas the album hasn’t gone to fully. Yes, its more aggressive than the past few songs but the change in the album only helps prove what a great release this is. the darkened approach is more what I was expecting, but this song pushes the boundaries more than the other songs, showing its full expansion more clearly.

Pimeyden tyranni”  slows things down a bit, not to any worrying levels, but showing full control. The pace picks up soon along with the raw aggression that is surging through the song with complete ease. This one has some of the more well-known screams that we have heard down the years through Black Metal, but then they thrown in some DARKTHRONE still riffs to shake things up. Its another brilliant song, brilliantly executed.

Rottien reformaatio” another DISSECTION style song, well at least the opening here. Adding more depth and showing skills as the song explodes fully into life. Sounding more like a funeral song in places the song isn’t as catchy, but its still a great song. This one just seems to be exercising the raw power options. Great song, showing that the songs are not slowing down or fading away.

Tämä on enne ja kuolema sen lupau” starts off slower, building up the song. It seems to be building up to something, although it could just be progressing slowly within itself to entice us into wanting a more explosive option. Not yet explosive, seeming more of a build up song maybe?

Verisaarna” starts off with a snarl and then re-kicks off the pace once more. The aggression has replaced the melodicisms once more, but this approach has worked so well through the album so far. There are several new sounds introduced into this song, which adds more depth and interest to the song once more, looking like its going for the big finish. Its is a great finish to the album, ending strong, not fading. Well done

It is a great album, for fans of Black Metal, with some Blackened Thrash and Melodic elements in. great first full-length release, will be interesting to see what comes next.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Loputon, totaalinen sota
2. Apokalypsin epilooki
3. Saastan rekviemi
4. Susien äitee
5. Pimeyden tyranni
6. Rottien reformaatio
7. Tämä on enne ja kuolema sen lupau
8. Verisaarna
Hex Inferi – Vocals, Guitars & Bass Guitar
Record Label: Purity Through Fire


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