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Kublai Khan TX – Absolute Award winner

Kublai Khan TX
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 06 November 2019, 12:13 AM

KUBLAI KHAN TX have recently added the TX to their name since their last release of Nomad in 2017, this also helps to point the difference between these guys and the 80’s Thrash band with the same name. The band have also been said to liven up their mix into the new album. After seeing them do Slam Dunk 2019 in Leeds, this can only be taken positively as they put on a great show. They are energetic, aggressive, and passionate about their music. They are known for voicing what’s on their hearts to express how they feel, who they are, what they stand ultimately for. They also will tell you what they won’t stand for, as well as the problems of their generation. They hope to tap into the underground and revealing the unseen lives and feelings of the youth in modern American society. They are fighting to make an impact in a music scape bogged down with meaningless lyrics and recycled with mindless music. Trying to push messages that often get overlooked or ignored in the nation today, hoping to use their music as a vessel to relate with people and emit hope. They are a band for the voiceless, they are the voice of the voiceless.

Boomslang” kicks off with a decent break down from the off. The aggressive tension of vocals is there from the off. It has not just a basic beat, but a bit technical genius to build up on from Eric bass and Nolan on guitar and then shatter it with drums. It is very well put together. It’s a steady beat, you will keep the heads banging and feet tapping. Maybe a few Hardcore dance moves thrown in too. It’s not their fastest song by any doubt, but the structure is there to hear.

Us & Them” runs straight off as almost an outro to “Boomslang” with the aggressive attitudes still there and in full charge. The message in the song is clear. Fuck you! The vocals have picked up to more like a snarl, it’s a great idea and is pulled off perfectly. It even has a shout out section that sounds like Corey Taylor in the heavier days of STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT. It is awesome. Zero Fucks given, great song

Self-Destruct” has a good buildup for about 2 seconds then kicks off again. Great tactic. The pace is in the top levels once more, without running away from the band. The spoken sampling is a good addition. The song is broken down very well into sections from a great bassline from the instrumentalists. The vocals are carried through the first half of the song, then the instruments are let loose into a great melody that leaves you wanting more

Lower Level” is not holding punches either. Isaac is hitting the drums with a fantastic beat. The aggressive screams have been missed in the album, but here they show what a great depth and addition they are. The breakdown on vocals is fantastic. Making us wait and eagerly want more. A great sound all round

Fantastic Hardcore album! It has the great breakdowns and buildups that is associated with the true melodies of Hardcore. Vocals are short, fiery and full of aggression. The instrumentalists show that they are not just to stand behind Matt, they are taken very seriously and show their full potential. This album will open up the pit

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Armor of Goddamn
2. Boomslang
3. Us & Them
4. The Truest Love
5. Self-Destruct
6. Lower Level
7. Cloth Ears
8. High Hopes
9. Beneath a Crescent Moon
10. Before It's Too Late
Matt Honeycutt – Vocals
Nolan Ashley – Guitar & Vocals
Eric English –Bass & Vocals
Isaac Lamb – Drums
Jayson Braffett – Touring Guitar
Record Label: Rise Records


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