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Kult Mogil – Torn Away the Remains of Dasein

Kult Mogil
Torn Away the Remains of Dasein
by Caio Botrel at 10 August 2020, 10:40 AM

KULT MOGIL is a Death Metal band from the city of Tarnów, Poland – that was found in 2014 and have been active since then. There was some line-up changing last year, so their newest album “Torn Away the Remains of Dasein” is the first one with Deimos and Rzulty. Let’s chat about it.

The opening track from the album is “Hunger of Pride” and it is a very direct song that starts with growling vocals, blast-beats, guitar solo and aggressive riffs right in the beginning. The sound is Death Metal, but I have come to realize that some of the riffs reminded me of Black Metal. The vocals are aggressive and there is a lot of distortion on the guitars. The ambiance of the song varieties a little bit, but not the dynamic.

White Death Implosion” starts out with a very boring instrumental, but soon it turns into something better and listenable. I liked more the instrumentations on that song if compared to the previous one. The riffs seems to have more dynamic, the guitar solos and the drumming is not all blast-beats, it has more creativity.

Torment of Dasein” is the perfect song to open the mosh at their live gig and the whole place goes down right after it. This song have some different influences and arrangements, that made it sounds cool and gave the album a new dynamic. But it still has all the aggressiveness from that band. I just think that the mix here is a little bad, but maybe that was the intention.

A Wax Reverie” brought back the better mixing quality and it follows the same line from all the rest: pure Death Metal. Sometimes I could remind a little of KRISIUN here, which is something good. “Idols in Blood” have a cool mix of Death and Black Metal instrumentation and the vocals as well, because there are a few parts that sounds like the 1990’s Norwegian Black Metal. The guitar work and the bass and drums kitchen is good as well.

Fountain of Affliction” is the last song from the album and it starts out differently from the previous song, but soon it Is all about blast-beats, growling vocals and technical instrumentation.

It is a good Death Metal album, with no innovation, but it is true to its roots and I believe that it is a sincere material. I wish them the very best.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Hunger of Pride
2. White Death Implosion
3. Torment of Dasein
4. Wax Reverie
5. Idols in Blood
6. Fountain of Affliction
Deimos – Vocals and Bass
Thisworld Outof – Guitars
Rzulty – Guitars
The Rays – Drums
Record Label: Pagan Records


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