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Kult of the Skull God - The Great Magini Award winner

Kult of the Skull God
The Great Magini
by Dani Bandolier at 29 May 2020, 2:35 AM

… And on the 7th day the Gawd of Hellfire and Rock’n’Roll commanded that the bees make honey with KULT OF THE SKULL GOD (2018) so we could rejoice and rawk on … this group from Milan, Italy has been around the world with band  members doing time recently on the electro-rockin’ ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE tour bus. KULT OF THE SKULL GOD is a new gig, with a righteous Roaring 20’s release "The Great Magini."

I have you, you got meAll we have is Black Magick … with a trifling sitar buried in one of the studio console channels ‘Black Magick’ opens with Davide riffing a big twanging guitar line which lifts-off GUNS-N-ROSES style and Lord Kalidon sounding like Geoffe Tate after going to Axle Rose school on the MUSE bus. I wonder why I haven’t heard of these cats before, this is some righteous work …  And then it wants me taunting meAnd then it calls me‘Liar’ similarly goes for the goalposts but on this song we are kicking in MUSE stadium. Lord Kalidon shows a whole lot of conviction singing verse and chorus.

A bees knees video framed full of the lovely womans bottoms, ‘One More Try’ is rawkin’ and positioned as one of the singles on this release. I emphasized the one of the singles part as this release is foaming with 11 fine songs that can cut the chicken fat from the Billboard Rock Top 20, and do it easily. Check out these lyrics … We're born Phoenix from the Sun, So get up your fat ass and move it on … hearing Lord Kalidon intimate the words is like a date with an Italian hottie, her busting every button and whispering in your ear that the only place she has to be is with you and you do know someplace we can go, like now ¡!?

Ballad ‘The Oath’ again goes into MUSE-landia and holy roman pope on a stick, Lord Kalidon recalls Matt Bellamy so much, especially in his vocal flourishes at the end of lines like … I was too wild to realize … Life passed me by before my eyes … To the moon I howl … My oath will never die. Joey Amatto bangs the drums heavy and swinging, nailing the beat down with his sledgehammer rhythm and keeping the music focused. The vocal arrangements on "The Great Magini" are perfect. If you told me Lord Kalidon’s mum was an opera singer, I would not be surprised – would that make her a Lady or Marchioness?

‘Judas is My Priest’ fights for your right to call out a shweet shtik face to faceJudas Priest and The Beastie Boys - good lawd how can this be? They point the fingers at you and ask what's your real name … You middle finger at them to say I'M JUST LORD K… that’s how ¡! ‘Dead Heroes’ is another ballad and good lawd, when Lord Kalidon sings the words … I told you we were heroes But that was just a lie … I hear David Bowie reeling in this tune, from his rocker periods namely ‘GLASS SPIDERS’‘Bully’ features some stellar riffing by Davide Tavecchia and bass player Jeff with a delicious and wicked DEF LEPPARD chorus … Bully in the head … what in hell does that mean? Sounds fun, Bully fun ¡! Last song ‘Vultures’ pecks and shreds  QOTSA carrion which stacks up solidly with the best-of VAN HALEN fun vibe of these songs.

One of the coolest aspects about writing for Ye Olde Metal Temple is the discovery of great bands out in this big ol’ world and some of them are not only writing great music, they are taking a swing at the carcass of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a mostly dead genre that even the big ballers of old have trouble getting the solid wood on. Lord Kalidon has world class voice and talent and I would love to know just how they recorded his voice, what was used in the studio on these sessions which were mastered and mixed to the best degree. "The Great Manini" is a hot shot of mad love that leaves you woozy like a rapturous night of Moscato d'Asti and a raver nurse with great legs that has seen too many COVID-19 cases and just wants to throw out the rule book – an appreciation of life, the all-too-ephemeral experience. Describing KULT OF THE SKULL GOD and their fresh release "The Great Magini" using any other descriptor than ‘ROCK’ would be a disservice – they ain’t no fad, ain’t be needin’ no introduction– they is the real deal. "The Great Magini" has legs, now use them my brothers - and use them well. Many are called but few are chosen. Bully ¡!

A dream to dream and a song to sing…the dani bandolier Spotify playlist of reviewed bands…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Black Magick
2. Liar
3. One More Try
4. The Oath
5. Lost and Lonely Ones
6. Lions and Sheep
7. The Great Magini
8. Judas is My Priest
9. Dead Heroes
10. Bully
11. Vultures
Lord Kalidon - Vocals
Davide Tavecchia - Guitar
Jeff - Bass
Joey Amatto - Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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Edited 15 July 2020

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