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Venom – Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 December 2011, 1:40 PM

Well that is more like it. That looks like a comeback to the true roots. This looks like the old classic image of the veteran British fiends of VENOM. This year marks a thirty years journey since the first welcoming to the fires of hell, meaning the hot blooded debut of "Welcome To Hell". For this occasion VENOM didn't go on releasing a compilation but a brand new album named "Fallen Angels" along with a great prospect new lineup under the command of the vigorous Cronos Lant.

I think that through "Fallen Angels", VENOM showed that they have made several changes in contrast to the early output of "Hell" and in a way also "Metal Black" that weren’t the real deal from my end. First of all it is all about the approach. On this album the music's direction turned back to NWOBHM enflamed by Speed Metal. This current material can't be described the band's Thrash image in full but there are still notices. Rage, the new guitarist on board isn't quite a showcase as Mantas was but he has some outstanding performances here that are a basis of a bright evil future. With Dante, the newfound drummer, it reminded me of the glory days with Abaddon. Along with Cronos still tapping fiercely on the bass, the trio hatched the return of the classic hell.

Second it's the sound. Though my favorite production orientation of VENOM's material lies within the inner depths of "Prime Evil", the album's production is not that far. Yet there is a close proximity, of course as a modern implementation, to the alleged albums of "Welcome To Hell" and "Black Metal". In the end of it all, the sound of VENOM still remains strong and unrelenting with a major pile of dirt under the wings.

Though "Fallen Angels" has a way to go before becoming sensational as the first two albums, it has reached a peak that the last three albums weren't even close to. VENOM took back Black Metal and delivered it as it should be. Their themes never seemed too serious as it hasn't been their shared belief but after so many years, they haven't lost the touch of evil. I was set ablaze by "Hail Satanas", Heavy Metal for the haunting masses of "Hammerhead" (Somewhat a reminder of "Manitou" and "Warhead"), "Punk's Not Dead", "Damnation Of Souls" and the power bomb against heaven, "Fallen Angels".

You don't need any provocation, just put the pedal to the Metal and rumble yourself away. This is a new form of VENOM, I just hope that this is a start of good things to come. I put my trust on you Cronos

4 Star Rating

1. Hammerhead
2. Nemesis
3. Pedal To The Metal
4. Lap of the Gods
5. Damnation Of Souls
6. Beggerman
7. Hail Satanas
8. Sin
9. Punk's Not Dead
10. Death Be Thy Name
11. Lest We Forget
12. Valley of the Kings
13. Fallen Angels 
Cronos– Bass / Vocals
Rage– Guitars
Dante- Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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