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Honeybadger - Pleasure Delayer

Pleasure Delayer
by Emily Schneider at 21 December 2020, 7:00 PM

HONEYBADGER hails from Athens, Greece. The Rock music loving quartet initially began playing together in 2015 and played shows until they recorded their first EP in 2017. They later began recording their first full length “Pleasure Delayer”, which took about 2 years in and out of the studio to perfect. They were finally able to release the album in November 2020. The debut album is pure Stoner Rock with some Doom style riffs at points.

The first track “The Wolf” immediately gave me QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE vibes with the vocal style in tandem with the chuggy yet groovy riffs. “Through Hell” has more of a fuzzy distortion to it, which gives it a bit more of an old school feel. “Crazy Ride” comes in with a cool, low rumble like bass line paired with cool guitar riffs. The song progresses into a Blues soaked smoky Stoner Rock track with some attitude in the vein of CLUTCH. “Good For Nothing” and “Holler” were both simply solid Stoner Rock tracks.

“That Feel” was rebellious track, lyrically and with the pacing. It just felt like a 'tough guy at a biker bar' sort of song. “Laura Palmer” is a song about the cult classic television series TWIN PEAKS and how Laura's murder shook the entire town. The song has the right amount of gloomy skepticism in the smoky melody and buzzed riffs to pay a solid homage to the show. “Truth in the Lie”closes the album nicely with one last gloomy, but groovy track.

Overall, “Pleasure Delayer” is a solid Stoner Rock album. All the elements one expects from an album in this style was there from the chuggy riffs, groovy smoky melodies, and plenty of fuzzy to almost static-y distorted sounds. The thing was there wasn't much that made this stand out from any other album in this subgenre. It was done well and paid homage to the plethora of Josh Homme projects around among other Stoner Rock bands, no doubt. Since this isn't a genre I listen to all that often, I always look for what makes a band stand out. This felt more like a replica, rather than something new. They play well though and this makes a sturdy debut for something a bit more intriguing for their future works.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Wolf
2. Through Hell
3. Crazy Ride
4. Good for Nothing
5. That Feel
6. Laura Palmer
7. Holler
8. Truth in the Lie
Dimitris Vardoulakis – Vocals, Guitars
Dimitris Giannnakopoulos – Guitars
Dimitris Yannopoulos – Bass
Vaggelis Oikonomou – Drums
Record Label: Made of Stone Recordings


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