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La Fin - The Endless Inertia Award winner

La Fin
The Endless Inertia
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 October 2020, 7:52 AM

LA FIN is a six-piece metal band hailing from Northern Italy and based in Milan. Their sound is a massive mix of various extreme metal influences with many layers thanks to three distinct guitars covering in turn a different role, weaved with heavy bass lines upon ruthless and introspective atmospheric parts combined together. “The Endless Inertia” is an album that enquires into the human mind and its awareness of time and will, exploiting the concept of inertia as a metaphor for quiet and stillness in people’s life, whether suffered or intentional. The album contains nine tracks.

“Intertia” leads us off. Dissonant clean guitar tones lead to a heavy, grinding riff and anguished screams. It picks up with some real intensity along with some heavy guitar accents and transforms into a much deeper and darker affair. Some clean vocals mix in towards the end, but this is a horrid experience. “Zero” opens with some rage in the guitars and vocals that lessens just a bit with the clean guitars. A clean vocal and guitar passage then ensues. It’s melancholy, but also dark. Then, the main sound returns along with some melody in the guitars.

“Hypersleep” features an ultra-heavy bottom end to go along with the gut-wrenching vocals. Marco is clearly giving his all here. Some lead guitar parts work their way in and this song has many layers. Peel them back and you can hear the melody nuances. A clean passage helps to push the dark and solemn sound. Then, it’s back to that punishing sound that does not let up. “Memory” is an under-one-minute brief instrumental, which ties in some of the themes of the album together, with eerie guitar parts and some background ambiance. “Repetita” is four minutes of slapping bass guitar and heavy and aggressive rhythms to go along with the raging vocals. It’s interesting how they combine various elements into their craft. It’s a sign of seasoned songwriters, that is for sure. Heavy, chunky rhythms are led by the three-guitar assault.

“Disembody” opens with clean guitars that lead quickly to some heavier tones, that then back off with a passage of clean vocals and guitars. Close to the half-way mark, the intensity returns. Eerie lead guitar notes take the song to a different level, and it ends on with despondent, mellow tones. “Blackbody” opens with some chaotic drumming, guitars and bass work, along with the raging vocal screams. It settles into clean, echoing guitars while the vocals still rage over top. But, the melodies from the clean guitars are strong, though doleful. It takes several dark turns along the way.

“Endless” opens with calm clean guitars and some nice melody. You find yourself slowly immersing into their dystopian world. The clean vocals really stamp this sound home for me. The heavier passages still allow the song to breathe a bit. But, darkness soon creeps in and covers the landscape with shadow. “Eulogy” closes the album; a nine-minute opus. It opens with some spoken words about what to say in a eulogy. The mood is sad and the guitars come up to speed slowly, while the vocals are raging from the start. Lead guitars whirl around the main riff, and these layers are something else. If this is the end, the world ends bloody.

Overall, this was a very intense listening experience for me, and it wasn’t unilateral. They really make their music feel alive, like it’s something you can reach out and grab. The layers built in the guitars are absolutely brilliant, and there is this tone of sadness and darkness that runs through the entire album. Don’t listen to this if you are already sad, because it might put that final nail in your coffin. What a moving experience it was!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Inertia
2. Zero
3. Hypersleep
4. Memory
5. Repetita
6. Disembody
7. Blackbody
8. Endless
9. Eulogy
Michele Banfi – Guitars
Loris Laugelli – Guitars
Lorenzo G. Ruggiero – Guitars
Marco Balzano – Vocals
Federico La Torre – Bass
Riccardo Marino – Drums
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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