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Lacerated And Carbonized - NarcoHell Award winner

Lacerated And Carbonized
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 06 November 2016, 9:29 AM

Disgrace, chaos, war between police and drug sellers, poverty, extremely high crime levels, social inequality and conflicts while politicians hide in their houses far away from people, the same one they look for on election times…This is the main features of the “Wonderful City” of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Yes, the post cards with beaches and all that you see are lies to cover the deep problems of our society. Lies for you to come and enjoy a country that the natives can’t. This is the bitter and nasty reality that the quartet LACERATED AND CARBONIZED shows in its lyrics, and on their new album, “NarcoHell,” the explicit, even deeper social wounds of this hellish city!

Their musical work is far evolved than showed on their last album, “The Core of Disruption.” Their Death Metal brutality is untouched, but now adorned with perfect technical elegance, and very good new experimental touches (some keyboard parts in some moments, as you will hear on “Severed Nation”). They evolved in a level that they can really match great names from Death Metal. These guys have blood in their eyes, and excellent Extreme Metal in their veins! Recorded at HR Studios in Rio de Janeiro, having Felipe Eregion (from UNEARTHLY) as producer with the band itself, and with mixing and mastering done by Andy Classen on Stage One Studios in Germany, the whole sonority of “NarcoHell” is perfect! No, there are no words that can describe the balance between weight, brutality, aggressiveness and clarity. It’s extremely perfect in each of these aspects, and the instrumental tunes were chosen perfectly. The cover is a fine job as well, from the drummer Victor that is about the truth that the Brazilian government and the mayor of Rio de Janeiro don’t want you to see.

One thing must be said: “NarcoHell” is a new experience into Death Metal, with a band that is expanding limits, and to turn things better, we have the guest appearances of Mike Hrubovcak (MONSTROSITY’s vocalist) on “Broken”, and from Marcus D’Angelo (vocalist/guitarist from CLAUSTOFOBIA) on “Bangu 3.” Don’t ask me for “the best songs”, because this album has no best songs! Yes, it’s truly perfect, and showing new ways to Death Metal! I’ll point to some because you need some reference (and to keep my throat safe from my Editor-in-Chief).

The spearhead guitar riffs amongst the brutality of “Spawned in Rage” (where some Groove appears, and an insane guitar solo as well, showing how Caio improved a lot), the great work from bass guitar and drums on the insane hymn called “NarcoHell” (their technique is excellent, and the rhythmic changes are perfect, then we can hear how Paulo and Victor evolved, and form one of the best rhythmic sessions of extreme Metal), the extreme brutality shown in the technical work of “Bangu 3” (with Marcus D'Angelo singing on the chorus, but Jonathan is showing excellent vocal work as well, and Bangu 3 is a violent and cruel jail system of Rio de Janeiro), the experimental touches and broken tempos of “Severed Nation”, the oppressive and extreme aggressiveness shown on “Broken” (again a great performance from vocals from Jonathan and from Mike Hrubovcak), the earthquake of bitter brutality presented on “Condition Red” (excellent rhythmic changes, with some slower tempos that weren’t used before, and a storm of excellent guitar riffs), the guitar massacre and excellent vocals on “Ruinous Breed” (these tempos are hypnotic, charming, as the atrocities of Rio de Janeiro are expelled from vocals), the Brazilian musical elements shown on the instrumental “Parallel State” (it’s an expression we use here on the city to speak about the power of the drugs sellers on the slums, in a way that the govern can fight back), and the acid agony coming from the slow and destructive “Hell de Janeiro” (with its lyrics on Brazilian Portuguese, showing how the vocals evolved a lot, and its catchy to the core).

This is one of the greatest Death Metal albums of the year! Listen to it and have a nice trip through the brutality of LACERATED AND CARBONIZED, and know the cruel reality that we have to deal every single day.

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Spawned in Rage
2. NarcoHell
3. Bangu 3
4. Severed Nation
5. The Urge
6. Broken
7. Terminal Greed
8. Condition Red
9. Ruinous Breed
10. Decree of Violence
11. Parallel State
12. Hell de Janeiro
13. Mass Social Suicide
Jonathan Cruz – Vocals
Caio Mendonça – Guitars
Paulo Doc – Bass, backing vocals
Victor Mendonça – Drums
Record Label: Vinganca Music


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