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Lake Of Tears - Ominous

Lake Of Tears
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 23 January 2021, 7:28 AM

The evolution of some bands, sometimes, can make the fans become disappointed with what they’re doing in the moment. It’s a form of conservative way of thinking, because some fans would say to the bands to stay as they are, but the musicians have different views of their own music. One fine example is how the older fans trying to deal with “Into the Pandemonium” from CELTIC FROST back in 1987 (as a witness of those days, I dare to say that it was really hard for us all); but after some years, the same album became considered a classic into its own genre, and as a cornerstone for many musical genres from the 90’s. So to deal with “Ominous”, the latest album from Swedish band LAKE OF TEARS, is not so easy, but it’s a very good experience.

Today, the band is far from the Doom/Gothic Metal ways from the past, and it uses a Progressive/Gothic Rock/Metal approach. It’s experimental and can try any fan that isn’t used to such approach, but it shows a very good musical work, because the unexpected happens from track to track. The music is really hard to be swallowed sometimes, but it’s really great and personal, with somber and darker introspective parts, but with some hooking Gothic Rock insight in other moments. And it’s really very good. Daniel Brennare produced the album himself, having Christian Silver and Manne Engström doing the mixing and mastering. The sonority shows a massive weight in the heavier parts, but a clean and deeper feeling on the introspective/melancholic moments. Though it’s not perfect, the sound quality fits on what is shown on the album’s music.

The album shows many different bits of musical influences in the middle of the Progressive/Gothic approach sometimes, so it’s better to be prepared for anything when dealing with songs as “At the Destination” (a hypnotic song with massive Gothic Rock influences in many moments, with good vocals and keyboard parts), “In Wait and in Worries” (this one has a deeper and melancholic feeling, with tender melodies and very good guitars), “Lost in a Moment” (this one shows aggressive riffs with an hypnotic set of ambiences), “One Without Dreams” (this one shows a middle between deeper and introspective parts with heavier moments), and “Cosmic Sailor” (with some influences from Space Rock from the 70’s on the melodies). But with an open mind, this album will be a great experience for the fans, indeed.

Maybe it would be hard for older fans from the 90’s to deal with “Ominous”. But even with LAKE OF TEARS having better releases, this one is very good.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. At the Destination
2. In Wait and in Worries
3. Lost in a Moment
4. Ominous One
5. Ominous Too
6. One Without Dreams
7. The End of this World
8. Cosmic Sailor
9. In Gloom
Daniel Brennare - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: AFM Records


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