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Lansdowne - Medicine Award winner

by Andrew Harvey at 09 March 2023, 12:45 PM

These bad boys are literally the business as far as hard rock goes, from Boston, MA (USA), five piece band LANSDOWNE are not the type for messing around, these guys are serious enough, they came to forming in the year of 2006 and came along the hard way which is constant shows around the globe. The even went right across countries like Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Kuwait to perform for the army troops on a tour in the year of 2007, performing alongside PUDDLE OF MUDD, BLACKSTONE CHERRY, POP EVIL, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, CREED and many more big names. They also went on a two year break from their music in 2015 - 2017 as they took time out to focus on other more pressing matters, then they came back onto the scene with a single “Bend To Knee”.

This was successfully followed up by another single “Savage” and then in 2021, came another single called “Filthy”, however it was their signing with a Hamburg based label by the name of AFM Records. After this two more singles came in the year of 2022, which were “Burn Brighter” and “Medicine” receiving high appraisal and after sometime, these two tracks were included on the new album also titled MEDICINE. The album landed on February 3rd in the new year of 2023 and really is such a big hit, there is no denying that these hard rockers are ready to take over the world, the album opens with the title track “Medicine”. A digital vocoder sound effect cues in the vocals with percussive drum triggers as the real sound of drums kicks in, as guitars do join but are subtle, as bass guitar and drums take control of this intro track.

The confidence is clear from drums and vocals, as they both venture together through each section so easily, with electronic elements also contributing to the overall tone of this track. What an opening track which is such a good way to begin as we head into the next track which is “Halo” as the heavy beating drums come after guitar has a silent start, with drums marking backbeat of each section, guitar stands out more on the thicker phases of hard rock. Vocals have their own space for what they can do, they’re concise and clear, there is even a pretty cool breakdown section for all instruments to blend together. We hear every word from the vocalist that is certainly a statement of attack and continuance, drums bash as hard and guitar slashes through each time they come in.

“Burn Brighter” with that fat kick hitting the nail on the head, with a simple backbeat on the kit, as vocals and guitars come into the mix, the drums do follow a marching rhythm on short phrases as vocals reach high enough as they are very ambitious. There is an interesting rhythm to vocals as the words roll off the tongue of the vocalist, as they bounce along, such attitude and hardcore vibes. Faster drum fills that are so tight and bang on cue, the ornamentation is certainly commendable. “One Shot” has a nice guitar rhythm which is thicker and executes so well, as vocals are very much on the same wavelength as the previous track, words that just speak so clearly. The contrast between vocals on a solo part and other instruments is so well thought out and very well mixed in terms of the production side.

“Watch Me Burn” as we hear the drums creating the crescendo with electrifying guitars also in tow as the track builds on the foundations set already, vocals are such a pleasure to listen to and they bind all the other instruments together here. A delay on guitar in the breakdown section where there is a full band unison, but we do hear each instrument by itself, so off we go into the next track which is “Conquer Them All”. An electronic intro with guitars and drums, before vocals jump ahead as we hear melodic vocals as drums lay down the roots of this track for more exciting hardcore rock as the ground is shaken by all instruments. “Savage” as vocals open up this seventh track as drums signal the guitar notes coming in each bar and the flow doesn’t change that much, there are also string sound effects in there later in the track.

“Falling Down” as we hear a more mellow guitar sound, with slow drums that have good clarity, the track almost has a R’n’B rhythm but still hints of the hard rock feel we have heard in previous tracks. The verses are a lot quieter but then vocals do attempt to bring the track more to life, as the tempo is merely the same throughout, so we now head into the next track which is “Open Your Eyes”. This ninth track has a much more upbeat melody as this one is more like a nice chilled back song, as it has vocals taking on the narrative with that pure American hard rock which is smooth in comparison to the other tracks. No heroics so into the next track which is “No More” as mesmerizing guitar cries at first and vocals makes a bold statement as there is more emphasis on rhythm as drums cruise on lots of changes, more cymbal hits to spice up the track.

Even a drum build up with vocals checking they come back in the fore, bashing those skins and cymbals harder than before, as guitar goes wild shortly before the end, as we head into the next track which is “Filthy”. Another electronic intro with percussive bits and guitars play also at first, this track sounds a bit more alternative, but still has those hardcore influences as vocals keep this in the theme as before. The verses are more drum based then guitars return for the chorus sections, drums are fairly simple and electric guitar is on fire but doesn’t over exceed any limits whatsoever. “Numb” is the final track that also has an alternative rock maybe metal vibe at the start, guitar a bit mellow but still works well with the rest of the instrumentation.

Guitar certainly has more energy and creative juices flowing through the track, changing from one section to another, drums follow along also keeping the momentum going on. Vocals are not as loud, take a step back on this final track, there are even subtle hints of piano maybe at one stage, vocal harmonies also coming into the sound field. The rest of the track is very much a good conclusion and the album overall is just a pure class record, full of hard rock but also mixed with the electronic or alternative rock/metal elements. There is a modern feel to it and it doesn’t really copy too much of any band they were inspired by, but you can hear the confidence beaming from this band, they want to dominate the airwaves. So get yourself stuck into this album, absolute pleasure reviewing these guys, I want to hear more of course (haha).

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Medicine
2. Halo
3. Burn Brighter
4. One Shot
5. Watch Me Burn
6. Conquer Them All
7. Savage
8. Falling Down
9. Open Your Eyes
10. No More
11. Filthy
12. Numb
Jon Ricci - Vocals
Shaun Lichtenstein - Lead Guitars and Vocals
Josh Waterman - Guitars and Vocals
Mike LaRoche - Bass Guitar
Glenn Mungo - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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