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Lantern - Below

by Spyros Stasis at 16 May 2013, 1:21 PM

After two demos and an EP, “Subterranean Effulgence”, LANTERN return with their debut album “Below”, released by Dark Descent Records. LANTERN play a mixture of old school Death Metal enriched with a few Black Metal influences, mainly found in some of their more eerie guitar leads and the result in “Below” is quite stunning to say the least.

The opening track of the album “Rites of Descent” grabs your attention immediately with its hostile vibe and its heavy groove, especially once the guitar solos come in to melt your face off, then you get a glimpse of LANTERN’s twisted ideas. LANTERN do their best to conjure the soul of the old school Death Metal scene of their country (Finland), from the DEMILICH paranoia, the DEMIGOD groove, the ABHORRENCE aggression and NECROPSY’s early death/thrash hybrid, together with the proto-Death Metal of POSSESSED and the first two SLAYER albums, with maybe a hint of ENTOMBED’s debut album and a touch of the American Death Metal scene, especially AUTOPSY and early MORBID ANGEL, all that to bring together a Frankenstein’s monster. And fucking hell, it is alive!

The schizophrenic guitar solos can be heard throughout the album, and in all their glory about a minute into “Entrenching Presences”, and LANTERN have absolutely no problem in playing fast as hell, for instance in the beginning of “From The Ruins”, or going back to an almost Doom / Death tempo with the epic “Demons In My Room”. The great guitar leads are also stirring in “Below”, for instance in the beginning of the chaotic “Manifesting Shambolic Aura”, and the solo about two minutes in that song is brilliant to say the very least. “Below” is the only instrumental track of the album and it acts more like an intro to the monumental “From The Ruins”, and this is a song you definitely want to listen to. The closing track of the album ties together all the visions of LANTERN, the relentless blast beats and eerie Black Metal riffs, the mid tempo groove, the haunting vocals, the utter paranoia of their guitar leads and solos and an almost ritualistic feeling in the slower parts of the track.

“Below” is a treat for any old school extreme Metal fan; LANTERN will definitely get you attention once you hear their debut album and I think we should keep a close eye on them.

4 Star Rating

1. Rites of Descent
2. Reventant
3. Entrenching Presences
4. Manifesting Shambolic Aura
5. Demons In My Room
6. Below
7. From The Ruins
Cruciatus - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Necrophilos – Vocals
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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