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Lars Eric Mattsson – Hot & Able Award winner

Lars Eric Mattsson
Hot & Able
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 24 May 2020, 3:46 PM

LARS ERIC MATTSON are a 3 man band who bring us the album “Hot & Able.” It’s a stomper of an album featuring 16 awesome songs! That’s the way to fill an album! Nothing short to say, this album has a lot to give. The band have a lot of history behind them, with a shitload of back catalogue albums to get stuck into if your a fan. LARS ERIC MATTSSON have a Classic Rock feel to them and a relaxed vibe that makes you want to put your feet up along with the volume and just kick back & chill. Lars has been in several bands and played as a solo artist for many years now, being one of the early developers of the Neoclassical sub-genre. His early influences included Jimi Hendrix & Johnny Winter. The band have put a lot of work into creating this 16 song album and I will go on to review a few of the songs on the album “Hot & Able

Opening the monster album we have the title track “Hot & Able,” which opens with a flurry of guitars & drums giving way to the vocal accompaniment. The song quickly picks up a gear & sets a pace for the rest of the album to follow. A great song to open the album. The instrumental sections are highly effective in getting your hair swinging! Song number 3 “Run Tonight” opens with a hail of guitars and drums. The vocals join with lyrics that capture the mind giving your imagination fire. This song has a fantastic instrumental section which I’d say highlights the song. “Scarlet” is song number 6 on “Hot & Able.” It’s a song that could be written about a wanten love. It’s almost a ballad type song. I would say it’s a song on the album not to be missed. Song number 9 “Lay Down Your Sword” opens with a nice mix of bass, guitar and drums which give way to a slow tempo and a deeply lyrical song. The music is played very well to allow each instrument to come through and the vocals are laid on top like a comforting blanket. “Rock The Nation” is song number 10 and plays at 3 minutes and 48 seconds. This song is one to get you bouncing! The instrumental opening of the song had me bopping my head as I type! It’s very catchy to say the least. You can hear Lars hit the high notes in this track. Unlucky for some, not for LARS ERIC MATTSSON, track number 13 is called “Enola Gay” and is the song I’d point out as being the highlight of the album for me. It starts of softly, then comes into it’s own with harder play & beats only to return softly to the gentle tempo again then you feel the build up of the collective play & the crescendo of the music hits home. Closing the album we have the final song “Out On My Own,” song number 16. 3 minutes 17 seconds of heartfelt lyrics and a gentle tempo that carries you on the dark cloud while you wait for the thunder to rumble & release the down pour that awaits. It’s a great song to close a great album, albeit, a bit of a tear jerker.

Fantastic album with awesome songs filling it. LARS ERIC MATTSSON have put together an absoloute stormer of an album! Jam packed with 16 amazing songs that fire the imagination with the lyrics and fire the soul with the music. I really enjoyed the album & I reckon you will too. It’s an album that can be played when you have time to just chill, do work to or play when your friends are round. Basically it’s one of those albums you can play anytime & enjoy every time!

Songwriting 10
Musicianship 10
Memorability 10
Production 10

5 Star Rating

1. Hot & Able
2. Takes One Fool
3. Run Tonight
4. Left Out In The Cold
5. See The Stars
6. Scarlet
7. Don’t Think It’s Love
8. This Wolf Hunts Alone
9. Lay Down Your Sword
10. Rock The Nation
11. The Dream Has Gone
12. Don’t Throw Away
13. Enola Gay
14. Strangers On Your Own Land
15. Eyes Of A Liar
16. Out On My Own
Lars Eric Mattsson – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Christer Jansson – Drums
Alexander King – Hammond Organ
Record Label: Lion Music


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