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Last Great Dreamers - Transmissions From Oblivion

Last Great Dreamers
Transmissions From Oblivion
by Lotty Whittingham at 16 February 2017, 11:00 PM

One of the funny/annoying things about the metal community is the elitism. It would be very interesting how they would take the sounds of LAST GREAT DREAMERS; from the sounds of their latest album they sound like a Marmite band. You'll either love them or hate them, sometimes sitting on the fence.

LAST GREAT DREAMERS formed in the year 1989 and are UK born. They stalked around for the nineties and reformed in the year 2014. As they state on their Facebook page, they celebrate their past whilst looking to the future. The sounds of their album reinforce this claim.

At first listen the first thoughts that came to were, GREEN DAY jamming with THE MONKEES; particularly within the vocal pattern and raw, vintage sounding guitar work and upbeat vibes of the sixties.

The best thing about metal is that you aren't limited to what you write about in your songs; you have songs about pillaging villages with Vikings, about personal experiences and even about farming. In this album, the songs maybe a bit light for those extreme metal fans, are for those who like positivity in their music. Examples of this can be heard in tracks such as “Glitterball Apocalypse”, “Tommy's Tears”, “Werewolves” and “White Light Black Heart”.

“Glitterball Apocalypse” is an upbeat track that can be the one to dance to at their live shows with your nearest and dearest. “White Light Black Heart” has a BLINK 182/GREEN DAY vibe with a hint of the glorious Glam Rock sounds of T-REX and vintage Punk sounds of THE RAMONES.  The memorable guitar work and vocals have that punky sassiness, somehow it works together with this melody. The beginning of “Tommy's Tears” reminds one of the swinging sixties where happy couples would dance and gaze in each other’s eyes, not wanting to night to end. To be able to bring this ambience into the modern day is an excellent achievement. The beginning of the track “Werewolves” reminds one of the dance classic “The Monster Mash”.

Overall the album is rather good; a grower for those who are wanting something different.

3 Star Rating

1. Oblivion Kids
2. Love To Hate Me
3. Glitterball Apocalypse
4. The Way We Collide
5. Elegy For Us
6. Alone
7. Dope School
8. White Light Black Heart
9. Tommy's Tears
10. Werewolves
11. You Don't Work
12. Chasing Heroes
13. Misunderstood
14. Turn It Up
Marc Valentine - Vocals, Guitar.
Slyder - Guitar, Vocals.
Steve Fielding - Bass.
Denley Slade - Drums.
Record Label: Ray Records


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