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Laster - Het Wassen Oog

Het Wassen Oog
by Chris at 17 April 2019, 2:46 PM

Het Wassen Oog” is the third full-length from Dutch band LASTER.  Formed in 2012, the trio has used music as a medium to expand the inner journey taken throughout various stages of consciousness.  That is certainly what it sounds like.  The band are so far removed from being a traditional Black Metal band now that it is practically impossible to categorize them precisely.  For the open-minded and avid music lover, this album is quite the experience.

While the album opened with a straighter forward track, “Vaccuüm ≠ behoud,” it was not until the second track that things felt truly solid.  “Schone Schijn” flows with a signature blend of peaks and valleys.  At times, Alt Rock is the basis for things while others feel tinged with chords from DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.  Black Metal does seem like an afterthought for them.  Thar far, though, it seems to be flowing fine.  The bass line in this track is absolutely mind-blowing, and it ties things together perfectly with a haunting Jazz Noir feel.

Throughout listening to this album, one feels like a voyeur gazing upon an undiscovered film documenting some nefarious deed of the past.  One cannot help but love the way the bass is used to drive the song melodically and rhythmically.  Again, in the third track, “Zomersneeuw,” the bass forms the backbone of the song as other ideas are presented. It seems one of the pervading themes explored by the band on this album and in their aesthetic, is the denial of the self.  The members are identified loosely by aliases and each, while responsible for all instruments and vocals, are clad in anonymous black with skeleton masks.  Don’t think SLIPKNOT or MUSHROOMHEAD.  There is nothing cheesy about it – in fact, it has a subtle appeal, a low-key darkness that supports their ethos.

Haat & bonhomie,” the fifth track, explodes in Black Metal fury.  As the drums blast, infernal screams echo forth accompanied by minor-key laden guitars.  Some purists would be turned off with the alternating sections with more laid-black, big-chord presence.  That is perhaps why the band are not necessarily recognized as Black Metal.  Any fan of VOIVOID, though, would not be able to resist the parts where the bass and the clean guitar duel it out with adventurous chords and rhythms. LASTER could very well be compared to VOIVOD in many ways.  Both start their journey out of the box and remain there along the way.  The sixth track, “Blind staren,” reflects the eclectic taste of the band going from a sound that was reminiscent of REFUSED into a malevolent, punishing section.  Listening to this album is truly an experience to be highly recommended.

Songwriting:  8
Originality:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Vaccuüm ≠ behoud
2. Schone schijn
3. Zomersneeuw
4. Ondersteboven
5. Haat & bonhomie
6. Blind staren
7. Weerworm
8. Zinsbetovering
S.– All Instruments/Vocals
W. Damiaen – All Instruments, Vocals
N. – All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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