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LastWorld - Escape the Eclipse

Escape the Eclipse
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 07 December 2022, 1:29 PM

AOR and Glam Metal were the main commercial success in the USA during the rise of the 80’s since “Metal Health” (the third album of the quartet QUIET RIOT) peaked the Billboard parade in 1983, unleashing the invasion of bands of the genre back then. Some stayed into the limits of AOR, others into Glam Metal frontiers, and some tried to mix both. And for those who miss this kind of music done in the 80’s, “Escape the Eclipse” of the North American act LASTWORLD represents a piece of nostalgia, indeed. One can state that their music, a blend between the heavier guitars of Glam Metal with AOR musical accessibility, is in the same vein of acts as JOURNEY (Neil Schon was a master on such approach), NIGHT RANGER, and early BON JOVI albums. But no one can deny that the duet’s music has a fresh and young outfit, even with such references to the past.

It’s full of melodic arrangements, catchy choruses and all those elements for those that are fans of the genres or anyone that just want to have a good time listening to music. Yes, it’s a very good release. The production did a good work, balancing the band’s music needs for clarity and the needed ‘filthy’ touch that every Rock ‘n’ Roll album needs. All is very good, except it’s a bit ‘drier’ than the needed, and some instrumental tunes could be better (especially on the snare drums).

All the songs are really very good, but for a first time on “Escape the Eclipse”, one can dive into what’s offered on “The Sanity is Lost” (a heavier song driven by evident nasty guitar riffs, but with a charming chorus), “I’m Never Gonna Let You Go” (this is a song with a clear tendency into AOR, accessible and with excellent choruses and vocals, the kind of song that would be a successful hit Single in the 80’s), “Just the Same” (another extremely accessible moment, but this time based in excellent keyboards orchestrations), “She Wants More” and “Take Me Away” (even accessible song like these two on the hands of these guys gain weight due the guitar riffs that brings them near to Glam Metal), “A Letter to a Friend” (a deeper and melancholic ballad based on acoustic guitars and vocals filled with emotion and with very good contrasts), “It’s Hard” (another moment when the song could be a success on the radios of the 80’s, with a good work shown on bass guitar and drums on the rhythms), and the ballad-like feeling of the instrumental “Escape the Eclipse”.

After listening to “Escape the Eclipse” for the first time, the listeners will not only become fans of LASTWORLD’s musical work, but will repeat the experience continuously for hours.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Sanity is Lost
2. I’m Never Gonna Let You Go
3. Just the Same
4. Who Holds Your Heart
5. She Wants More
6. Take Me Away
7. A Letter to a Friend
8. Go
9. It’s Hard
10. Tonight I Don’t Wanna Die
11. Escape the Eclipse
Jim Shepard - All Instruments
David Cagle - All Vocals
Record Label: Perris Records


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