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Lawless - Rock Savage

Rock Savage
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 July 2013, 11:25 AM

After reading the info regarding this here release, I contemplated with myself whether the British DEMON and PERSIAN RISK weren’t active enough that their members, assumingly due to constant boredom, chose to rally up and come up with a new project to kick themselves into gear. Their resolution ended up with the formation of LAWLESS, felt like breaking the chains there, gathering elements and attributes of 80s Hard N’ Heavy, a little sparkle of hair, rendering the might and grandeur of their own bands along with virtues and vices of KISS, URIAH HEEP, early SAXON, early DIO, DOKKEN, WHITESNAKE, JORN, WINGER, SCORPIONS and TWISTED SISTER. “Rock Savage”, under the helm of Escape Music, isn’t that NWOBHM that I expected; nevertheless, it kicked some ass with its engineering work. As at first I refrained myself from reading the entire info sheet while only seen that three of the band’s members have been a part of two of my favourite British Metal bands, nonetheless, if I was hungry for heaven, at least for now I am no longer famished.

Two of this album’s monumental powerhouses, and there are others as well trust me on that, are Paul Hume and Howie G., of course without any disrespect for the two other distinguished members who lavished me with their incredible performances and musical abilities. Paul Hume, been within the DEMON lineup since 2010 as one of the duo guitarists, in LAWLESS picked up the mic and started singing, and he left me with my jaw left open for the flies to pick in to check for lunch. Such a powerful clear voice, a measure between AOR, Hard Rock and traditional Metal. It seems quite odd to me where has he been with that vocal ability all this time, as if he should have given up the guitar and naturally sing, something like old Joe Elliot’s story. Furthermore, I am unsure whether he was also in charge of the soloing within “Rock Savage”, but still I have to comment that this some serious playing as well. On the other hand, I am sure the wiz from PERSIAN RISK, Howie G., as I already listened to him in action, had a thing or two or three to do with the might Rock lead guitar crunches on the song list. I really enjoyed his musical direction, not too much shredding, a lot of heart and tremendous energies, check out a master at work.

Dropping into the album, within the range of influences I gathered after steeping on this one for several times, there is a variety within the awesome merger of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. However, the main focus of the band seemed to be directed into two paths, one for utmost harmony, whether vocals or guitaring, and the other, chunky, heavy and meaty rhythm guitar riffery. Actually the second is a rather consistent segment of nearly any band in Metal music, yet not every band is able to reach such a type of harmony. URIAH HEEP has been doing it for ages, and I sensed something of the same within LAWLESS, yet as I stated, a much heavier band when it comes to their rhythm guitar outcomes. Furthermore, LAWLESS kept their ball rolling with a few commercialized catchy materials like the pompous, “Heavy Metal Heaven” and “Rock N’ Roll City”, which skyrocketed with their flairs and 80s Metal and Rock decorations that sounded so good, yet also flunked when it comes to the WHITESNAKE driven “Black Widow Ladies” and the horrid “Step In”, which seemed to wrong after its previous starlight. LAWLESS remained catchy with others as well, but with a little bit of articulation like “SOS”, a total DIO domination that in general made a tribute to the famed star (R.I.P.). “Where Heroes Fall”, an amazing ballad that moved me so much fixating my attention with world class soloing and of course high rated singing and there is “F.O.A.D”, it blew my mind, sliding in similar way as “Paris Is Burning” of DOKKEN, yet developed into a different kind of mystic, the chorus is another jaw dropper, god bless you Hume, how about co-fronting DEMON? So there you have it folks, an answer by a foursome crew that wanted to kick start vivacities of old and notch them for today’s pleasure yet without forgetting where they came from and they legacy they present. Grab this one!!

4 Star Rating

1. Heavy Metal Heaven
2. Black Widow Ladies
3. F.O.A.D
4. Misery
5. SOS
6. Rock n Roll City
7. Step In
8. Scream
9. Pretender
10. Where Heroes Fall
11. Metal Time
Paul Hume – Vocals / Guitars
Neil Ogden - Drums
Howie G. - Guitars
Tabbie Williams - Bass
Record Label: Escape Music


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