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Lawrence Wallace - Journey Through Time

Lawrence Wallace
Journey Through Time
by John Foley at 20 February 2021, 3:28 PM

LAWRENCE WALLACE is a guitar virtuoso coming from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA. He already has two solo EPs to his name and has lent his shredding guitar skills to bands such as MOONLIGHT PROPHECY, EVIL DIVINE, SHADOWS OF THE CRYPT, LAWRENCE’S CREATION and SERPANT OV OLD. With “Journey Through Time,” this marks his brand new album being released in February 2021 and is full of shred guitar goodness.

Opening the album, we have “Visions of a New World”. The song kicks in with some killer drums and an epic guitar lick. The first thing you pick up from listening is the speed and precision of the lead guitar playing. With this song I got a lot of DRAGONFORCE vibes from it. There is some cool phrasing that acts as a sort of chorus line for the song as well. A great song that appears here is “Exuberance”. Right from the get go we have some brilliant riffing with a classic 80’s metal fell to it. Accompanying that we have some pounding drums and lots of feel in the lead guitar work. This song is definitely one of my favourites on the album.

Here we have songs like “Haunted Cemetery” and “Palace in the Sky” which are a little different to the rest of the music on the album. Both have some haunting clean melodies and no backing bad for these. There are strings in the back ground that add a bit of tension to them too. Another good track here is “War in Heaven” and this one has a very thrash metal feel to it. The lead guitar playing here adds some intensity to the song. An amazing middle section is present with a lead guitar line that really lifts it up and then leads into a breakdown that brings the song back again.

We then come to the title track “Journey Through Time” and with this song he means business. The drums and riffing here are just ace. The lead guitar playing here uses good phrasing to show the different sections of the song. With this tracks breakdown you get some dark vibes from it which then builds back up to an almost power metal feel. It is a really great song. The final track here is “The Arrival” and right from the start the track is building to something big. Here you can really hear that the lead guitar lines are acting as the vocal line for where they would normally be in a song. This song has some decent grooves with a bit of a sinister vibe to it.

The first thing you get from listening to Journey Through Time is that it is packed with speedy and technical lead guitar playing. LAWRENCE WALLACE does show some really good knowledge of using guitar scales to create his lead guitar playing lines. This is an album for lovers of guitar-based music if you are into the likes of STEVE VAI, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, PAUL GILBERT and JOE SATRIANI. A good quote to help describe this album would be one from ZAKK WYLDE, “You don’t listen to a good guitar player, you feel them”.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 9
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Visions of a New World
2. Ambush
3. Exuberance
4. Haunted Cemetery
5. Escaping the Abyss
6. War in Heaven
7. Palace in the Sky
8. Journey Through Time
9. Graveyard Storm
10. The Arrival
Lawrence Wallace – Guitars and Bass
Record Label: Independent


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