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Leather Synn - Warlord

Leather Synn
by John Foley at 09 August 2020, 5:11 AM

LEATHER SYNN are a straight up heavy metal band coming from Lisbon, Portugal and have been tearing things up since 2011. Warlord is their brand new release which came out June 2020 and this E.P incorporates everything you loved about the NWOBHM of the early 80’s. Steel chains and leather jackets, everything you would find from the likes of JUDAS PRIEST and SAXON.

We kick things off with the EP’s title track “Warlord”. The song opens with a piano intro which is actually quite beautiful and that bands vocal then sings over this with his very Nordic style vocals. The rest of the band then burst in with some killer riffing. The lyrical theme here is the tale of a Barbarian battle hero. There are sections here that slightly remind me of IRON MAIDEN.

Next up we get “Still in My Heart”. I really loved the lead guitar line at the start of this one and the rest of the opening. With its lyrical theme of longing for a lost love but also wondering is he showed go down that road again, the song has a really big and catchy chorus. We also get a guitar solo that really captures the feel of the song and lifts it up. “Synn is Ynn” has a real killer intro that feels a little JUDAS PRIEST. The verse has that horse like gallop rhythm that is present in a few IRON MAIDEN songs and this song here also features one hell of a guitar solo as well.

The Last song on the E.P and they saved one of the best for last. “Committed to Metal” brings the heavy with its riffing and a really killer guitar solo. This is a song for getting those devil horns in the air. The Songs lyrics are a tribute to our world of heavy metal and to stand up and unite in metal cause the world outside can’t stop us.

You can really hear the NWOBHM influence from this band and they wear that with pride. The Warlord EP is very riff heavy which I love. The lead guitar sections here are the real highlight and from listening to the songs LEATHER SYNN sound like a band to check out at a live show. This EP is filled great riffs and killer guitar solos and everything an old school heavy metal fan would love.

Song Writing: 7
Musicianship: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Warlord
2. Still in My Heart
3. Synn is Ynn
4. Committed to Metal
Eduardo "Sanchez" Cano - Vocals & Piano
Carlos "Manimal" Faria - Bass
Rafael "Anima" Martins - Guitar
Sérgio Damas - Guitar
Tiago Faria - Drums
Record Label: Non Nobis Productions


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Edited 01 October 2020

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