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LeatherJacks - The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll Award winner

The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 15 February 2018, 11:52 AM

Some bands are always trying to research among the old ways of making music to find something that can be used to build a new form of music. It’s a phenomenon that can be seen throughout the world. In Brazil, some fine works can be heard from bands and experienced musicians. So, to hear a very good and charming form of music done by LEATHERJACKS is not something unexpected. The name of the album, “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll”, says what it is about.

It’s modern and energetic hybrid of Hard Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll and AOR, filled with personality and very good melodies. Although it’s a one man band, we can feel that everything sounds new and full of life, with a personal touch from Mauro Cordeiro (the band’s leader and a known multi-instrumentalist from São Paulo). How lovely it sounds to our ears, how full of life and energy it spends by the speakers. Yes, it’s very good, a new insight used on old genres. Obviously, Mauro took the duty of producer of the album. Of course, it’s a guarantee that the album would sound as he wanted. It sounds heavy and truly abrasive as Rock ‘n’ Roll needs to sound, but with a very good clear insight that allows the listener to understand what is being played.

Musically, the contribution that “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” gives is the new outfit on old Metal/Rock ‘n’ Roll genres. And let me tell you: songs as the catchy “People (We’re Chosen Ones)” with its nasty melodies, the 80s feeling that fills “Crocodile’s Heart” (what a lovely chorus), the tribal Hard/Glam Metal insight used on “Burning Wire” and on “LeatherJacks”, the contrast between introspective melodies and harsh parts presented on “Emotions On Sale”, the excellent harmonies and heavy weight of “Do You Fucking Pay My Bills”, and the spontaneous and lovely energy of “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” can be pointed as the album’s finest moments. Obviously, “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll” shows a promising work, so let’s hope that LEATHERJACKS can come with other albums in the future.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. People (We’re Chosen Ones)
2. Crocodile’s Heart
3. Burning Wire
4. LeatherJacks
5. Emotions On Sale
6. The Slammer
7. Do You Fucking Pay My Bills
8. Cross
9. The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll
Mauro Cordeiro - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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