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Leave The Living – Pacifist

Leave The Living
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 29 August 2015, 12:19 AM

LEAVE THE LIVING is a Groove Metal/Metalcore band based out of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. After the release of an EP, the band presents their first full-length album here, containing nine tracks. “Let Go” opens with a brooding main riff, sounding like it is being played inside a metal container with the reverberation effect. This may or may not be an intentional production technique. From there the vocal screams and low end instrumentation carry the track with fervor and straight up brutality. When the title track rolls around, it is evident that melody takes a pretty far backseat to power, dissonance and anger. Most of the tracks are quite short as well, ending up as balls of energy that if they lingered any longer would probably explode. The music really isn’t riff driven as much as it is a collection of the aforementioned techniques.

“Manifesto” is a good example of this. If you are trying to find a real semblance of order or pattern, don’t look here. The focus is instead on raw intensity. By contrast, “Open Sea” gives us a peek into something different. Bass guitar carries the main sound and this track slowly opens up with some diversity in sound. “Undone” seems to echo this as well. Nifty lead guitar work leads to a more straightforward main riff that leans on the low E chord for direction. Towards the end it picks up steam. “Poison Pen” delves into the realm of darker, more suspenseful sounds. You can hear the anger and hate put forth in the vocals, describing what vile acts will happen with said pen. The track “Sink Or Swim” is by far the longest on the album, clocking it at just over five minutes. There is a little more order in this song, which isn’t as hasty as some of the other tracks. Dissonance is still omnipresent however, and the point is hitting you in the gut as opposed to the head. “Farewell” closes the album, with the first real glimpse of melody in the main guitar riff. This instrumental rides closer to the Metalcore genre than previous tracks.

Overall, it’s an honest first album that could improve with future efforts. I am not sure however that I would label this as Metalcore because it doesn’t really fit that pattern. They seem to have their own style here.

3 Star Rating

1. Let Go
2. Pacifist
3. Manifesto
4. Word Of A Whore
5. Open Sea
6. Undone
7. Poison Pen
8. Sink Or Swim
9. Farewell
Justin Shadows – Vocals
Ben Bushido – Guitar
Jose Dyck – Guitar
Steven McGillivray – Bass
Sean Higgins – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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