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Leaves Eyes - Lovelorn (CD)

Leaves Eyes
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 25 August 2004, 9:28 PM

The story of a band turning commercial (or as they like to call it “experimenting) and totally abandoning all the elements that made them great is one of the oldest in the book. There are many examples where the experimentations really worked and something new and original emerged. Also, there are quite a few where utter failure and ridicule were the results. I would mention a certain band as an example but they would probably sue me for using their name without paying rights first.
So I'll just mention Theatre of Tragedy who are nice guys and would never do anything to harm their old fans, especially releasing techno albums right after the amazing Aegis or removing Liv Kristine from their band; oops, they already did both of them. And I couldn't be happier for their last decision. Let me explain why.
Liv is an amazingly creative person; she wrote all the lyrics to fit the music that her husband, Atrocity's front man Alex Krull composed.
The concept is a fairy tale about love, influenced by Liv's childhood memories.  Well you can read more about her influences that led to Lovelorn in the interview, so I'll just skip right to the part that all the fans want to hear.
Everyone who missed her sweet voice will be thrilled to discover that she is back. To be precise, you will re-discover Liv Kristin. She manages to give a wonderful feeling while always avoiding sounding too mellow. Alex pops up now and then in a couple of songs and plays the “beast of the “beauty. The result is excellent, especially in the amazing “Ocean's Way.
The production is perfect and the music is excellent, whether it's a powerful guitar heavy song or a ballad played on the piano. I have to admit that at some points it reminded me the best moments of “Aegis and this is a good thing to me since I consider it to be a great album. Of course since Atrocity are the ones performing the music, you'll find many common parts with their work yet Lovelorn maintains its originality.
It is a gothic masterpiece and a mystical journey to the land spawned by Liv Kristine's imagination, from the tranquil valleys of Lovelorn and the endless waves of Ocean's Way to the clouds of The Dream. What I love about this album is the fact that at no time did I feel the urge to skip a track, something that happens to me a lot lately. It's a solid work that will keep the old fans thrilled and force the non-fans to reconsider.
A very nice (and the editor grinned) video clip is included in the CD. Can't wait for the next album; as I've said before, welcome back Liv, we really missed you.

4 Star Rating

Norwegian Lovesong
Tale Of The Sea Maid
Ocean's Way
The Dream
For Amelie
Into Your Light
Return To Life
Liv Kristine - Vocals
Record Label: Napalm Records


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