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Lee Aaron - Power, Soul, Rock N' Roll - Live In Germany

Lee Aaron
Power, Soul, Rock N' Roll - Live In Germany
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 17 August 2019, 2:23 PM

I am one of those who discovered the Candian Hard Rock singer, Lee Aaron, later in her career. Well to be honest, in the years where many haven’t heard from her in a while. As a Metalhead, it was easy for me to connect to her 1984’s hit “Metal Queen” and the music she has been preaching in that period of time. Nonetheless, things began to change as Aaron’s career advanced, heading deeper into Blues Rock / Hard Rock, which certainly isn’t a bad course of action, yet to me it less appealed. Well, as time passes by, maturity came to power, and when she came back in my life with her new album, “Diamond Baby”, I came to appreciate what she had done to date.

Metalville, after deploying “Diamond Baby”, set to release “Power, Soul, Rock N’ Roll - Live In Germany”, which is basically a memorandum of Lee Aaron’s live performances in Germany, back in her European Leg of the “Fire And Gasoline” tour. The album displays a well selected  compilation of songs, covering in overall most of Aaron’s backlog, along with a sprite off the later to be released “Diamond Baby”, which came out a little less than two years after. As a nice bonus, as part of the double CD package, there are three videos off several of the live performances, in high quality for one’s enjoyment. I know these gave quite a perspective of what went down over there in Germany.

At first I wasn’t sure why the live album began with a down note, with a cover of DEEP PURPLE’s “Mistreated”, yet as the song progressed, I guess it wasn’t that bad after all, as Aaron and her band nailed it. I wouldn’t have started with a Blues, slow tempo track, but what the heck? It worked out eventually. When “Metal Queen” struck, it took me back to the first time I got to know Lee Aaron, blasting proto-Metal with a sheer Hard Rock attitude. The execution was pretty good, and the band sounded tight.

“Powerline” is a catchy Rock marble, harmonious and easy to listen, ranging with Pop, yet strong enough with its riffing to be acclaimed as a Rock tune, great vibes in the performance. “Some Girls Do” and “Whatcha Do to My Body” blazed the 80s right out, especially in a VAN HALENish vibe, I can imagine Aaron’s swaying on the stage while slashing with those great tunes. I saved the best for last this time, “Diamond Baby”. Back then I guess it was a single, or maybe not even officially, I can’t recall. No matter that though, Lee Aaron punched it and made it happen for the crowd to have a piece of a Hard Rock delivery. She killed it and big time, the set’s strongest tune, even better than the showcase of “Metal Queen”.

“Power, Soul, Rock N’ Roll - Live In Germany”, similar to Aaron’s career, crosses between world of Hard Rock, Blues, classic Rock, and Soul music. Sure, Aaron cannot be really be contrasted with Doro, for instance, yet, her American vibe Rock and great live spectacle, made something good happen here with this live CD.

4 Star Rating

1. Mistreated (Deep Purple Cover)
2. Tomboy
3. Rock Candy
4. Metal Queen
5. Fire and Gasoline
6. Powerline
7. I'm a Woman
8. Some Girls Do
9. Sex with Love
10. Barely Holdin on
11. Whatcha Do to My Body
12. Diamond Baby
13. Hot to Be Rocked

1. American High
2. Diamond Baby
3. I'm a Woman
Lee Aaron - Vocals / Guitar
John Cody - Drums
Sean Kelly - Guitar / Vocals
Dave Reimer - Bass / Vocals
Kevin “Toad” Sauliner - Keyboards
Record Label: Metalville Records


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