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Legio Mortis - The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution

Legio Mortis
The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution
by Morgan Djevelbjörn at 13 May 2011, 3:12 AM

LEGIO MORTIS is an atmospheric-melodic death/black band from Bavaria, Germany. "The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution" is their fourth album including the self-financed "Servants of Satan".

The first thing to be noticed in the bands songs is the many different vocals. Death brutal and various Black metal styles, from Six Feet Under to Immortal and Cradle of Filth to early Sodom growls. The riffs are the best element in this record. Very nice multipicking Black metal riffs and Thrash-Black patterns. The melodies is a part mostly played by keyboards with string-type sounds. The keyboards also serve the cause of atmosphere, giving a gothic touch here and there. Drums play in many ways, slow, fast doublekicking, thrashy and blastbeating.

"Pity the Sadness" (the Paradise Lost cover) is interesting but lacks of the darkness needed to present something from that Paradise Lost era. Another feature is Liv Kristine's (ex-Theatre of Tragedy, Leave's Eyes) voice in "Life Denied" which is also nothing monumental.

In "The Human Creation And The Devil's Contribution" there is a vision, but the arrangements and overall execution sound poor and need freshness, something that could take Legio Mortis into a new level.

For those that are familiar with the sound of Atrocity they will find similar sound-colors because of Alexander Krull's production which shapes the bands songs in a fair way.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Unholy Four
3. Avenger of the Oppressed Souls
4. Buried Love
5. Pity the Sadness
6. Mass Murder
7. From Throat to Cunt
8. Wir Brauchen Keine Hirten
9. Blood Fantasy
10. I Am Your God
11. Life Denied (feat. Liv Kristine)
12. Legio Mortis
13. Thorn in My Eyes
Kalti - Bass/Vocals
Steffi - Keys
Marco - Vocals
O.D. - Drums
Tommy - Guitar
Matze - Guitar
Record Label: MDD


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