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Lethal Storm - Manipulated Mind

Lethal Storm
Manipulated Mind
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 June 2018, 1:46 PM

In the 80’s, since the extreme Metal bands from Brazil had a great success here, it printed a mark, and started a tradition in these lands. But since the 80’s, many excellent bands from extreme Metal genres showed their talons here, and day in, day out, some more appear. From Campinas (in São Paulo) comes the quintet LETHAL STORM, spewing the musical aggressiveness with their first album, “Manipulated Mind”.

Their musical style is a mix of Old School Death Metal from the 80’s enriched with modern Thrash Metal influences. So their musical work is brutal and really aggressive, but bearing a nasty and charming energy that entangles us at the first hearing on the album. Their approach is really personal, because even being a musical style explored before and by many bands, they prefer to do things on their own, not copying anyone. Although independent bands can have extreme difficulties to record an album in Brazil, they had a very good sound production. They uses a dry set of instrumental tunes that simplify our understanding of what is being played by them. But these clear tunes made their sound sharp as a blade and brutal, creating a massive and clear onslaught of their sound, and it impacts on our ears as a hammer!

Being brutal and charming at the same time, “Manipulated Mind” is really a very good album, having as its finest moments on the whiplashing aggressiveness of “Manipulated Mind” (excellent work from bass guitar and drums, creating a solid rhythmic mass), the storming and furious “As Another Day Begins” (with fine guitar riffs and solos, showing that the band’s guitar duo has a great talent), the slow and bitter tempos of “Psychopath” (showing excellent vocals and a guitar work influenced by Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman School), the brutal kick in the teeth called “Chemical Slave”, the never-ending oppression beard on “Disorder”, and the Death/Thrash energy that flows from “Words of Mankind” (some excellent melodies can be heard on this song, showing that the band has a lot to offer in the future).

LETHAL STORM shows that they are a good name, and maybe can be named as one of the greatest revelations of this year, so listen to “Manipulated Mind” loud, and let the complaints of your neighbors begin!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Manipulated Mind
2. As Another Day Begins
3. Where’s the Respect
4. Psychopath
5. Chemical Slave
6. Mass Annihilation
7. Disorder
8. Violence
9. Corruptos
10. Blood Storm
11. Words of Mankind
Douglas Mota - Vocals
Diego Mota - Guitars
Cléber Zeferino - Guitars
Haroldo Sanchez - Bass
Fabio Luiz - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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