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Levania - The Day I Left Apart Award winner

The Day I Left Apart
by Jon Conant at 22 April 2018, 11:33 PM

Italian gothic metallers LEVANIA are back with EP “The Day I Left Apart,” a followup to their second full length album, “Renascentis,” released in 2014. I’m never quite sure what genre to call LEVANIA. Are they gothic metal? Symphonic metal? Electro-metal? The truth is, they’re some bastard combination of all 3 that ends up working out really, really well. It’s very reminiscent of what AMARANTHE is trying to do, but possibly even better. The songwriting is more unique, creativite, often times more catchy, and most importantly, despite all the electronic styles and female cleans: they still bring the METAL. This stuff jams. It’s quick, catchy, bassy, djenty, and they bring it with the duo of gorgeous lead cleans from Ligeia contrasted against wonderfully delivered harsh vocals. The sound is complete, and it all works well together. The production isn’t everything it could be, but that becomes a minor complaint when compared to the sheer quality in all other aspects of what LEVANIA are trying to do.

The EP is a perfect length, 5 songs coming in at a 17 minute run time. But more than that, it is a TRUE EP. 5 new songs, not 1 or 2 new songs with some live versions, a demo, acoustic version, etc etc etc. That is to be highly commended, they did not short their fans. Opener “Rising” is an obvious highlight of the album. With one of the catchiest melodies, a pulsating pace, and the perfect combination of cleans vs screams. The guitars get djenty, the bass gets very euro-pop, and it is a wild ride from start to finish. Track 2 “Trace” shifts away from a pop-metal focus slightly more, bringing a heavier sound with even more screams, and some semi-breakdowns. Track 3 “Dried Blood” continues that feeling, but with even more intensity. Opening with harsh vocals before transitioning into a chorus lead by cleans and some of the coolest and most unique guitar work I have heard in a while. We get plenty of blast beats, they definitely take a back seat to the rest of the sounds being presented, but still pretty fucking cool. The chorus is also catchy as hell. This is a very unique song, with TONS of experimentation with new sounds and ideas. I love how far into the unknown LEVANIA are venturing, they aren’t afraid to take a risk with new ideas.

If you are into this particular brand of metal, you MUST listen to this EP. It is rock solid from start to finish, catchy, and with a perfect runtime, easy to have on repeat (you have to listen more than once). LEVANIA are taking big steps forward, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with on their next full length. I can’t get enough of those brutal metal riffs backed by pulsating synth-pop.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating


1. Rising
2. Trace
3. Dried Blood
4. Total Recall
5. Your Eyes and My Fear

Ligeia - Lead vocals
Still - Keyboards & Vocals
Richie - Guitars
Fade - Bass
Markus - Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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Edited 27 February 2021

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