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Leviathan – Förmörkelse

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 10 November 2020, 2:30 PM

Since the last release Far Beyond the Light, all the way back in 2002, the band has shrunk in half. Guitarist, A. Petterson has left, leaving Phycon to run the whole show.

Avgrundens Återsken” opens up the album in full following the very short intro. It has the very black and bleak Black Metal vibes from the off. The pace is set to a well-balanced and controlled level, the vocals, rasping match well. The atmospheric build-up enhances the overall harmonies to level them out amazingly. This is a song that proves that there are art and beauty hand in hand, in Black Metal. The song progresses within itself instead of expanding into further directions. When this is done correctly, it is effective, shown here as a result. A very good start to the album.

Förmörkelse” keeps the pace set nicely, if anything, it increases it. The darkness soon overcomes the pace to calm it down and bring back the balance, effortlessly. The transition sways once more, but in doing so, it builds up the melodies to the peak. The song involves more instrumental melodies than vocal, but what the vocals add is a depth and some form of atmospheric presence.

Svart” kicks into gear without knowing the previous song had ended, worked perfectly. The aggressive approach is there for all to hear, easily. The melodies once again harmonize within themselves into creating another beautifully dark song. Since the approach seems to be repeating itself, the melodies must have variety, to keep our interest levels up. Luckily, these are very different in their own right and keep it fresh. The territory of the melodies is almost set at progressive, they change and refresh perfectly.

Förbannelsen” starts slower, closer to where the previous song left us. The aggression within the vocal returns here, for us to hear easier, matching alongside the rising tempo. Midway through the song breaks apart, going into a gentle melody, allowing us to enjoy the instrumental talents. The intensity soon rising also, building up to something. The aggression is filled along with the returning vocal ideas. It’s a decent mix-up and allows a new kind of skill and approach to be presented into the album.

Verklighetens Väv” keeps the slower pace approach going. This one seems more progressive again. The song goes into growl mode, with it clearer than the darkness we heard previously. The song is slower, it is maybe a filler between the faster and slower sides to the album. The melodies are gentle and easy to listen to, it shows true artistry to the album. The clean-cut end is something I never thought of, but I am so happy ti was included into the song and the album.

Melankolins Ävja” goes along with the slower pace that the album seems to have taken on at this point. The lack of pace helps to build up the progressive melodies better. The approach does feel a bit more lacklustre than we have had so far, almost like the album is winding down.

Babylons Sand” seems to have picked things back up. However, the pace is short-lived and the interest levels seem to dwindle. The song never seems to fully take off which is disappointing.

A great album, the beauty within darkness. Solid album for the most. It does slow down a little too much for me towards the end, could have had a great finish. Still a great piece of work

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. XVII (Intro)
2. Avgrundens Återsken (The Reflection of the Abyss)
3. Förmörkelse (Eclipse)
4. Svart (Black)
5. Förbannelsen (The Curse)
6. Verklighetens Väv (The Tissue of Reality)
7. En Tidlös Illvilja (A Timeless Illness) (Instrumental)
8. Melankolins Ävja (Melancholy's Evil)
9. Babylons Sand
10. Pestens Sigillv (Outro)
Roger "Phycon" Markstrom – Everything
Record Label: Bile Noire


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