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Licantropy - Extrabiliante

by Craig Rider at 18 March 2020, 3:21 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LICANTROPY; signed via Go Down Records, hailing from the Venetinan Moorland - performing Sexy Wolf Rock 'n' Roll (as described on their facebook page), on their sophomoric album entitled: "Extrabiliante" (released February 7th, 2020).

Since formation in May 2017; under the unveiling of the first full moon of that month, LICANTROPY transform into a band of wolves packing into a new revelation of sub-genre known as Sexy Wolf Rock 'n' Roll onto the music scene. Recording their first debut album entitled: "We Were Wolves" in a single night, a similar rotation formed layer by layer with their 2nd record entitled: "Extrabiliante". 10 tracks ranging at around 29:37; LICANTROPY arrange an intricately designed formula of old-school Rock 'n Roll developments. The trippy "Hispanic Wolf" opens up the record; conveying hectic adrenline, gnarly grooves and a bizarre yet psychedelic vehement that showcase uniquely versatile manifestations. Until the catchy "Big Bad Affair" implement crunchy aesthetics, and a chunky dose of meticulously progressive panache.

Consisting of Tom Wold on guitars/vocals; the frontman compiles a borderline foundation of meticulous harmonies, amalgamated into a hybrid frenzy of jumpy rhythms & outrè nimbleness. Elementing clean, throaty pipes with lungs of profusely robust snarls that yell like a wolf on a nutty rage. "Pale Moonlight" embellishes on rawly rough patterns; trailblazed with an experimental but fine stream of garage punk, organic substance & solid rituals of seamless soundscapes that on this journey of musical virtuosity will find one drunk in shady yet kaleidoscopic hallucinations – (possibly drugged; assaulted, sniffed; licked, beaten; raped and corruped - as said in their own words.) Royal Albert Wolf on organs/vocals constructs a fluidly captivating dimension of primitively momentous technicalities; "My Fat Long Tale" injects infectiously audible instrumentation, polished with immersively inventive fabrications flair wildly rushing quirks with snappy vibrancy.

Luke Skywolfer on the rambunctiously-driven drums/percussion (also on vocals) portrays an adroit complexity of rumbling tightness within the titular track, providing synthesized transistion & a flamboyantly comedic energy flourish with somewhat majestically mesmerizing tempos. "I Wolf The Line" subjugates more salubrious remedies that shine with distinctively distinguished characteristics that some may just find intensely odd. Without any basslines; a trace of mellifluous euphony can be appreciated, the sound production can feel like an outdated rift of modernized multicoloured psychedelia while merging old-school indie garage vinyl scratching potency - it can get a bit crazy with these culminations. "Another Wolf Game" harnesses elegantly exquisite haste; creating a dynamic dose of jazzy dexterity, diversely constructive diligence and detailed synergies.

"The Revenge Of The Wise Wolf" excels into a rich maelstrom of various musical mayhem; rolicking with prodegiously prestigious assortments, grooved into a masquerade prerequisite of unprecedented results. The penultimate song: "Bite Me Wolf" examines a similar transparency; subsiding rich styles with moody vibes while still having a not so serious laugh in the process. Overall concluding this whackily goofy grandure of outlandish trials with the peculier finisher: "Coyote"; I am compelled to say that LICANTROPY was certainly a different experience indeed, I can't say this is a recommended purchase however…but if you're looking for an exclusively idiosyncratic facet of out of the ordinary discoveries - "Extrabiliante" is for you.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Sound Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Hispanic Wolf
2. Big Bad Affair
3. Pale Moonlight
4. My Fat Long Tail
5. Extrabiliante
6. I Wolf The Line
7. Another Wolf Game
8. The Revenge Of The Wise Wolf
9. Bite Me Wolf
10. Coyote
Tom Wolf - Guitar, Vocals
Royal Albert Wolf - Organ, Vocals
Luke Skywolfer - Drums, Percussions, Vocals
Record Label: Go Down Records


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