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Licence - Licence 2 Rock

License 2 Rock
by Dana Koch at 21 December 2017, 6:11 PM

LICENCE is a melodic heavy metal band hailing from Ludwigsburg, Germany. Their style is recognizably influenced by 80’s glam rock, but also pulls a more modern heavy sound. The band was founded by guitarist Steam Theiss. His daughter Jacky was selected to be the vocalist, Sam Sin plays drums, and Pappe is on bass. The foursome have recently released their debut album “Licence 2 Rock”. The album delivers 80’s chic guitar solos, gritty female led vocals, and an overall energetic rebellious vibe.

Track one is an atmospheric prelude leading into the album. The intro has kind of a cosmic outer space feel almost like travelling through a vortex with some ambient noises then some heavy distorted guitar chords.  The intro fades into “Don't Touch the Light” which kicks off with an aggressive, to energetic 80’s metal feel that sets the tone for the rest of the listening experience. If you turned on this album in a gloomy mood prepare to get energized. Jacky’s vocals are spitfire and the refrains are simple but catchy.

“Reflection” leads in with layered harmonizing guitars. The song offers another ear grabbing, poppish refrain and puts me in the mind of studded leather, eyeliner, and hairspray. Fans of 80’s metal will be appeased. However, a little more reverb on the drums and a different guitar tone may have been helpful in aiding the delivery. “Metal Train” starts with exactly what one might expect from a song whose namesake is the conjunction of a steam engine and wailing guitars.Lyrically the song incorporates the cheese factor often associated with glam rock. All aboard the hair express! Theiss provides driving guitar riffs straight to the chest that carry this song.

“Turn on the Radio” is a feel good track which seems to be about jamming out and having a good time listening to some tunes with some pals. The song is a bouncy rock anthem perfect for a night out and reminds me of Pat Benatar’s “I Love Rock and Roll.” Personally, I felt that “Nights of Pleasure” was a standout track on the album. The theme of the song is self explanatory, however musically, I think this song is more compelling than the other tracks. The drummer leads into the song. There is a tension in this song that quickly builds up through the first verse. The guitar riff dur justing the bridge had me pensive wondering where the song was about to go.  The transition to the refrain was a brief pause and then kicked up into a lively guitar riff set off by a simple vocal pattern. Of all the tracks, this is the one that stayed with me.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1.In the Beginning
2.Don't Touch the Light
5. Watching
6. Metal Train
7. Believer
8. Tell Me
9. Start the Fire
10. Turn on the Radio
11. Nights of Pleasure
Jacky Coke – vocals
Steam Thiess – guitar
Pappe - bass
Sammy Sin – drums
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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