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Lightchapter - It all Ends Tonight

It all Ends Tonight
by Metal Wim at 26 January 2022, 5:28 PM

LIGHTCHAPTER is a new Danish band from the city of Aarhus. They claim the music they make combines modern metal with a mixture of nostalgic 80’s synthesizers, catchy and melodic/epic hooks, and a little touch of Rock and Roll. They also have grooves, deep growls and catchy melodies. And I concur, they do have all that. But most of all on this, the EP “It All Ends Tonight”, they remind me of SLIPKNOT and their ultimate hymn “Psychosocial”, as it feels like LIGHTCHAPTER have taken all the elements used there, separated and reused them where possible and moulded them into four delightful songs.

Opening track “Dislocated” immediately gets you into the swing of things with the extremely groovy sound that is portrayed right after the very entertaining intro. If this song doesn’t get you moving, you’re just plain dead inside. The gravelly voice of Mikkel Ottosen is very well suited to complement the music and gives off a Death ‘n’ Roll ENTOMBED vibe. Very heavy, but still easy enough on the ears that once the band really let loose, you’ll be flying all over the place.

“The Flame Is Still” is another great track, where the keyboards do some of their magic in the background. For the rest this is a pure Death Metal oriented track that reminds me of THE CROWN. The Nu-Metal oriented groove and the underlying aggressiveness in combination with the combination of clean voice and grunt make it all sound very interesting.

When “Do God A Favor” starts you know that you’re in for the SLIPKNOT experience, because the groove that follows is straight out of their book. This is the most relaxed of the tracks on the EP, but also the heaviest, as this is the one where the voice is screams mixed with grunts, directing it into the realm of Black Metal. But it never gets there, as the music, however heavy it might be, really has that Nu-Metal meets Death Metal vibe.

The last song on “It All Ends Tonight” is the title track, and it’s a blinder. It has the heaviest riff used here, and again you can’t escape the Nu-Metal rhythms that keep on coming, without LIGHTCHAPTER losing sight of the fact that they are a very wide arrangement of sounds for it to become their own.

All this with the production of Danish production master Tue Madsen has made me quite eager to hear what these guys might come up with when they produce a full-length album.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Dislocated
2. The Flame Is Still
3. Do God a Favor
4. It All Ends Tonight
Mikkel Ottosen - Vocals and Guitars
Anders Berg - Guitars
Kalle Herborg - Bass
Tobias Høst - Drums 
Record Label: Spanra


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