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Lighthouse Sparrows - The Deep End

Lighthouse Sparrows
The Deep End
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 10 September 2020, 12:01 PM

LIGHTHOUSE SPARROWS is comprised of two musicians (with two guests) who have worked together for over ten years, and decided to write a Progressive Rock album, with no limitations. This process led to their debut EP here titled “The Deep End,” which contains five tracks. “Gravest Danger” leads off the album, with a slow pace and some melancholy tones. There are also tones of hope, however. They remind me a bit of THE PINEAPPLE THIEF. “Scales” features some spacey keyboard parts, along with soft, emotive vocals, and just a little guitar presence. A little guitar solo rounds out the middle section of the song, along with charming piano notes.

“Shallow End” is a shorter piece, again with minimal instrumentation. It’s pretty, and a bit sad, but I just wish there was a little more presence from the instruments. The keyboard solo is nice, and the vocals are very emotive here as well. “Deep End” has a long lead-in. The drums and bass provide much of the earlier sound, along with some guitar notes. This song has a little more “umph” to it, with some darker tones to boot, especially from the keys. I can’t quite decide if the tone is sad or just more melancholy, but they ride that line. This instrumental is just what the doctor ordered.

“Gravity” closes the album, at over seven-minutes in length. It takes a while to get going. It’s two minutes in before the vocals come in. Again, the instrumentation is fairly minimal here. It’s more about the atmosphere. A bit dejected, but holding onto hope is what I take away. But it really breaks out at the half-way mark, with a keyboard solo and a much faster pace. Then, it’s back to the previous sound, with a long fade-out. Overall, I am struck here with a few of these albums over the past few weeks. There just isn’t enough sound to really try to understand what the music is about, save for a few tracks. If they would have just pushed a little harder, they would have a nice album here.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Gravest Danger
2. Scales
3. Shallow End
4. Deep End
5. Gravity
Olli Huhtanen – Vocals, Keys, Synths
Sami Sarhamaa – Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Miri Meittinen – Drums
Trio Tingo – Background Vocals
Record Label: Perfect Sound Records


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