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Lightning Born - Lightning Born

Lightning Born
Lightning Born
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 August 2019, 7:27 AM

Doom Metal has two main subgenres: traditional Doom Metal, and those elegant ways with a Gothic ambiance. The first group has anthemic names as TROUBLE, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, SAINT VITUS and many others, all of them taking influences from the bitter and somber earlier works from BLACK SABBATH. And this is precisely what LIGHTNING BORN does on its first album, which bears the name of the band. On this album pulses the most classical form of Doom Metal, that same rusty and Bluesy influence slow form of music. But the band members are all known, carrying on the shoulders works with bands as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, THE HELL NO, MEGA COLOSSUS, and DEMON EYE. They know what they’re doing, and their musical work is based on excellent funereal melodies, a bitter and organic ambiance, and a simple (but efficient) instrumental work with charming vocals. It’s not the most original music you’ll find, but it’s really excellent.

The sound production worked in a way to give the quartet a classical fuzzy sound, crude and straight. But everyone can understand the songs of “Lightning Born” without making great efforts. The organic feeling denounces that no infinite editions were done, and the band sounds organic as they just gathered in the studio (after some rehearsals to be ready), plugged the instruments and recorded it. Just like that, no deep compromises with modern technologies or sound. Bitter as gall and lurid as the old films of Boris Karloff, “Lightning Born” brings back that somber ambience of the 70’s, blasting the amps and unleashing high level music.

But the somber and catchy melodies of “Shifting Winds” (very good song, with a hypnotic rhythm and excellent vocals), the mix between Stoner Rock accessibility and Doom Metal melodies shown on “Renegade”, the massive weight with a fuzzy Blues essence of “You Have Been Warned” (the bass guitar and drums works will definitively bring the name of BLACK SABBATH to the readers’ minds), the blowing guitar riffs of “Out for Blood” (that contrast with deeper melodic moments), the raw energy and “wah-wah”-ing guitars of “Power Struggle”, the sharp harmonies and strength of “Wildfire” (one of the most accessible songs of the album, once more with charming melodic vocals), and the contrasts between funereal clean parts with solid Doom Metal weight moments of “Godless” are the best moments of this very good release.

Yes, “Lightning Born” comes in a good moment, and Doom Metal maniacs will love it for sure!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Shifting Winds
2. Renegade
3. Silence
4. You Have Been Warned
5. Salvation
6. Magnetic
7. Out for Blood
8. Power Struggle
9. Oblivion
10. Wildfire
11. Godless
Brenna Leath - Vocals
Erik Sugg - Guitars
Mike Dean - Bass
Doza Hawes - Drums
Record Label: Ripple Music


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