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Liktjern - I Ruiner

I Ruiner
by Craig Rider at 03 December 2021, 6:55 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LIKTJERN; signed via Folter Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds -  performing Black Metal, on their debut album entitled: “I Ruiner” (released October 7th, 2021). Since formation in 1996; the trio in question have only an EP entitled: “Kulde, pest & død” (released August 2009), & this here debut album entitled: “I Ruiner”. 8 tracks ranging at around 43:33, LIKTJERN arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments. 10 years in the making; the Norwegian sacrificers resurrect themselves from the dead, after a long hiatus with a Full-length release for all sacramental satanists to hail to.

Opening up with an apocalyptic soundscape of storm; this thunderous barrage frenzy on rawly rough yet ominously jarring calamity harmonically chisels with punchy grooves, atmospheric deathliness and distorted contortion. “Da Døden Tok Meg Med” unearths trailblazing rhythms that rip with sonically seamless melody, while trembling reverb rumbles with mountainous tempo & monolithic slayings that grind hymn fully but concretely into a blackened maelstrom of savagely sinister bombardments in which bludgeons eardrums with total ruination, quaking pandemonium & somewhat melancholic aggression. Ascending with those typical guitar hooks from consisting shredder Kverke - this mellifluous ramification surges with weighty furore amongst a vibrantly potent technicality on steamrolling vehemence which utilises uniquely rampant firepower expertise as chugging frolics inject a dexterously dynamic virtuosity on rompy heft. “Pesta” infects speakers with rambunctiously piledriving stompiness, where stompy smacks belt cymbals into a clobbering foundation on menacing oppression.

A gnarly attribute forebodes you with sinister yet sludgy technique, where an evil empowering intensity rifts with monstrous solos & killer laceration mobility which showcases symbolic retribution, where rapidly swift nimbleness manifests with heralding darkness. The titular track evokes a quirky yet virulent stridency, where yelling throatiness from Gud gravitates with shouty torment and high-pitched pipes that grumble blasphemously with pugnacious soars while nasty, blood-choking raspiness possesses one with rigid satanism. Profound within “Bloodperversion”; as a choppy synthesis systematically fabricates a distinct experimentation on volatile mayhem, thudding with sturdy malice & profusely robust malignance that bulldozes heads with whirlwinding impact. Impulsing souls with rattling veracity, vicious tonality & rough zeal that implodes immensely with terrifying yet venomous collision.

Namess I Invoke Thy” unleashes mighty perseverance from guitar/bassist Knokkelmann; who throttles his axes with primal snarl, while shrieking majesty mounts with mythical euphony. A distinguished yet ritualistic maelstrom forges demented grime, hammering and battering extremity, where thumpy synergy morphs this vitriolic persistency on crushing ethereality. “Slagmark” attributes at a more motoring solidity, marching robotically with strident progression and drilling efficaciousness, eroding bones with sulfurous yet bleeding fluidity and an abominably excruciating profanity, while the penultimate behemoth “Flame Ov The Fallen'' harnesses a blood oath of immortal cult prodigiousness. “I Ruiner” shares monolith transparencies on cold fervour, while maddening subjugation takes over with sacrilege and desolation upon desecration.

Overall concluding “I Ruiner” with the finale banger “Profetens Sorte Drøm; I am compelled to say that LIKJERN momentously offered a burning hellfire of dominion, despair and reckoning which spellbinds you with an enjoyably entertaining experience in enriching Black Metal prowess. Worthy of spinning & replaying a few times, do check it out should you fancy a discovery of revocation, devilment and blasphemy all in one package, all hail sathanas!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Da Døden Tok Meg Med
2. Pesta
3. I Ruiner
4. Bloodperversion
5. Namess I Invoke Thy
6. Slagmark
7. Flame Ov The Fallen
8. Profetens Sorte Drøm
Kverke - Guitars
Knokkelmann - Guitars/Bass
Gud - Vocals
Record Label: Folter Records


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