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Limousine Beach - Limousine Beach

Limousine Beach
Limousine Beach
by Chris Hicklin at 23 May 2022, 2:31 PM

Pittsburgh’s LIMOUSINE BEACH are the brainchild of former CAROUSEL singer Dave Wheeler who brings along with him three members of fellow local band CRUCES. I don't know of the reasoning behind their name, but it could be they were just listing things that are fun and those were the first two things that come to mind. Because fun is the name of the game with this debut release and in LIMOUSINE BEACH world, fun lasts no more than three minutes. Such is the way with this self-titled release, clocking in at a shade over thirty minutes and boasting no less than twelve straight to the point rockers that are rarely anywhere other than right in your face.

The album opens with a three-part vocal harmony in the style of something like Crosby, Stills & Nash, authentic sounding and perfectly performed before the opening riffs of “Stealin’ Wine” kick in. Unsure of what they are going on about but it’s likely they were high when they wrote this. It’s a killer crunchy riff and at the half-way mark we are treated to a highly THIN LIZZY-esque harmonised guitar solo, after ending with some truly exuberant vocalising, next track “Airboat” arrives like a speeding bullet, fired from the same gun. This once again features some duelling, perhaps even brawling threesomes of guitars, and is so short you could blink and miss it.

Willodene” is a nice change of pace, with an inventive chord sequence and a grooving pace it has a very memorable tune, and a lyrical hook that sticks in the mind. More jostling from the vast numbers of guitarists they have, as someone delivers a ripper of a solo over walloping power chords. The humorously titled “Black Market Buss Pass” is pure punk in its pounding verses and chanted choruses, while unexpectedly launching into a Proggy sounding instrumental section and back to the furious beating of the drums.
What If I’m Lying” is a highlight with its wild slide guitar Blues boogie and shifts in tempo, each instrument gets its own moment to shine, and the guitar solos are excellent again. “Evan Got a Job” was a bit too similar though, but not up to the same standard being more of a repetitive blues track with far less exciting guitar work.

One of the best titled tracks on the LP is “We’re All Gonna Get Signed” as Wheeler embodies that hopeful wide-eyed musician many of us used to be, anybody who has tried to achieve any level of success in the music industry will identify with this fun little number.  Penultimately there’s a fantastically creative instrumental called “Doo Doo” with an addictively catchy guitar riff, brief solo spots from each instrument interject like punchlines, topped off with superbly nuanced percussion and a snorter of a guitar solo. Final song “Tiny Hunter” is straight ahead Rock n Roll with a distinctively RAM JAMBlack Betty” feel, nothing ground-breaking but a solid ending, the album leads out with an instrumental outro that reminds me a bit of QUEEN, with its majestic final notes ringing out with some very Brian May twiddling over the top.

The production captures some authentic tones here, you will know each guitar sound even if you can’t immediately place it. I thought the overall job is a little muddy, but it gets the job done. The real star of the show is the song writing and musicianship that is on offer, and both are superb. They put together a collection of unstoppable rockers that hardly gives you a moment to take a breath, and rarely stick around long enough to risk boring you.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Stealin’ Wine
2. Airboat
3. Willodene
4. Black Market Buss Pass
5. Hear You Calling
6. What If I’m Lying
7. Evan Got a Job
8. Movin On
9. We’re All Gonna Get Signed
10. Night is Falling
11. Doo Doo
12. Tiny Hunter
13. Outro
Dave Wheeler - Vocals, Guitar
Evan Mitchell - Guitar
Jason Sichi - Guitar
Dan Hernandez - Bass
Dan Bhutta – Drums
Record Label: Tee Pee Records


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