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Lindsay Schoolcraft - Martyr Award winner

Lindsay Schoolcraft
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 September 2019, 3:21 AM

CRADLE OF FILTH became a warehouse of musicians throughout the years. Many of those who played in the band works in the past are in new bands today or even released solo albums. And one of them is the Canadian singer Lindsay Schoolcraft, the keyboardist/female vocalist that actually works on CRADLE OF FILTH, who is releasing her first solo album, “Martyr”. Here is a melancholic, modern and even Gothic form of Metal/Rock with nuances of New Age music that can remind the listeners of some aspects of EVANESCENCE, NIGHTWISH in the moments with by tender melodies guided by pianos and keyboards, but those who love a deeper and darkened set of melodies (like CRADLE OF FILTH die-hard fans) will love “Martyr” as well. Honestly, it’s a lovely work, but with bitter heavy modern moments in some parts.

The production of “Martyr” was done according with its musical content: aggressive on its heavier moments (as can be heard on “Saviour”), but clean and deeper on introspective/melancholic parts. Yes, it fits on the musical expressions that are shown on the songs, using a fine approach on each song. All the 11 songs of “Martyr” are very good, each one with its own beauty and particularities. And “Saviour” with its modern weight and melodies, the charming contrasts between harsh parts with deeper melancholic moments of “Dangerous Game” and “Into the Night”, the introspective and dark New Age-driven ambiance of “Blood from a Stone”, the mixing of modern aggressive guitars with great keyboards shown on “Remember”, the abrasive weight with some brutal parts of “See the Light” (fine growls from Xenoyr from NE OBLIVISCARIS), and the weaving dark romantic/melodies of “My Way Without You”, can be said as the album’s finest moments. But it’s truly a very joyful time the moments that are spent hearing to “Martyr.” Maybe Lindsay can’t convince everyone with this solo work, but it’s amazing to see how she can express herself in such high leveled music!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Saviour
2. Dangerous Game
3. Stranger
4. Into the Night
5. Blood from a Stone
6. Dawn
7. Remember
8. See the Light
9. Where I Fall
10. My Way Without You
11. Lullaby
Lindsay Schoolcraft - Vocals, Keyboards, Harp
Rocky Gray - Guitars, Bass, Programmed Drums
Record Label: Independent


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