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Lined - Soulcrifice Award winner

by Craig Rider at 24 July 2020, 4:44 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LINED; signed via Art Gate Records, hailing from Spanish grounds - performing Melodic Death Metal, on their sophomoric album entitled: "Soulcrifice" (released June 12th, 2020.)

Since formation in 2007 (as BLASFEMIA until 2008) the quintet in question have 3 Singles entitled: "Devil" (released April 22nd, 2020), "Buried Alive" (released May 13th, 2020); "Slaves" (released June 3rd, 2020)…and 2 Full-Length Albums entitled "Lined" (released in 2009), and this here 2nd record that I am introduced to entitled: "Soulcrifice". 11 tracks ranging at around 40:36; LINED arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Melodic Death Metal developments.

Beginning the record with the satanic ritual that is "Bad Omen"; unleashing rifftacular strums, until "Rotten Society" skyrockets that momentum tenfold with shredding maelstroms and a blistering barraged frenzy of some hardened grit fuelling amplified adrenaline with ruthless pandemonium which distils boisterously bouncy hooks. Fretworks chug into a distorted calamity of primitively raw grooves, executing a borderline foundation of punchy firepower and monstrously meaty manifestations that showcases trailblazing jumpiness. Arming a fierce arsenal of tenacious triggering, thunderous romping & this outrè panache of some gnarly attributes in which piledrive with melodic mayhem.

Consisting of Aitor Atxa on vocals; the frontman excels at a deep, guttural dynamic of throaty raspiness & shouty growls. Bellowing barks yell with rough rage; shrieking roars and a groundbreaking attack, implementing intense pipes of organic substance with deadly brutality. "Buried Alive" elements an enriching amalgam of catchy crunchiness, heated harmonies that meticulously strike with savage weight & tight seamlessness. Bringing forth those mellifluously melodious slabs of solid yet sublime vibes, sonically bombarding eardrums with relentless hooks, hostile integrity and a quintessential virtuosity of some rapidly swift nimbleness with this dextrously diligent detail in guitar expertise from Andoni Barkero who wonderously supplies razor-sharp synergies with this slick reverberation of volatile rumbling that's just all in all adventurously ambitious as well as bone-crushing in every capacity.

The next one though, the next one my friends…is a combustible groove-bomb that will rattle your brains into a high-octane grind of killer laceration & high-octane dimensions of hybrid finesse that will scatter the ground into a stomping yet tempestuous oscillation of outbursting pounds within the rampant malevolence that is "Nowhere To Run" it is in the title… a frantic blitzkrieg that begs one to air guitar, and bangs heads while taking no names nor prisoners with its crazy intention to get you off your arse and run wild to its incredibly addictive chunk of salubriously zestful vibrancy with the quirky snappiness while sulphurously detailing a healthy dose of some uniquely versatile vehemence that will make one want to break chairs over other chairs with the mosh piledriving aesthetic it fluidly as well as flexibly experiments with.

Imanol Roman really got the tone down with his guitar (as did Andoni of course) both guitarists skillfully result with this polished contingency in digging a chiselling contrast in which profusely portrays robust profanity while twinning this storming surge of muscled sophistication that will make you want to replay this track over & over again. Let's move on to "Slaves"; which articulates in a booming characteristic in crafting some malicious overarchs of progressively technical remedies, yielding true to form flows and an impressive vibrato of rich songwriting musicianship which revels with jacked yet visceral ruggedness.

Chaotically creating a thumpy pummelling from audible bassist Iker Hervás who rifts with this massively venomous injection, infecting souls with spellbinding sturdiness. Motoring this quaking majesty, with mesmerising tempos that rollick with triumph and complexly distinguished distinctions. Fast double-bass drum cymbals hammer from battering ram known as Ruben Conejo; who rambunctiously slams with monolithic force, demonstrating a crushing holocaust and a bludgeoning blow in which trembles with machinery blasphemy. Compiling an dominating embodiment to kick your presence into an overdrive of mandatory yet neck-breaking haste, while remaining sinisterly symphonious & rebellious as can be.

"Devil" continues this movement; still distributing bruising belters, demonic droniness and a extreme but aggressive hymn which orchestrates this strong strife of stocky production qualities. Varied with nothing but imploding, but down-tuned euphony and an upbeat uprising of havoc-infused slayings that will shatter windows while you bang intensely with the insane but immersive establishments LINED have fabricated here.

"Stay Outdated" builds an intriguing fragment of thrilling performances; shrouding riveting rhythms with refreshingly modernized traditions, which juxtaposes a briskly bleak but bestial dark verses while merging blast-beating choruses in which prodegiously provides prestigious perseverance & persistent systematics that thrashes with subjugating stimulation. "Parasite" slithers with stylish teamwork; channelling bulldozing fabrications with this rampaging blend of constructive density, brimming with pulsating yet enthralling exploration while still splendidly pulverising with no remorse nor with unrepenting intentions. Just a berserking insurrection of mass madness, with a euphonic silver-lining to boot.

"Betrayed" is filled with tribulation, and filthy leads. Elsewhere; chords continue to roar with rowdy headiness, and lungs evolve with transformative transgression…while the upheaval retribution accelerates into rompy overkill – igniting an integral fundamental of speedy solos & ghoulish exhilaration that just makes me want to bop into a grooving dance. The penultimate track "The Reaper" rips and tears with malicious tendencies, steely precision that converges blackened death grips with galloping gnarliness that smacks you with whirl-winding riffs while punishing you with outrageous, skull-smashing drum cymbal havoc…consistently banishing you to slam without question. While overall concluding "Soulcrifice" with the titular track itself; a short outro in similar vain to the sjort intro, I am compelled to say that LINED most certainly outdone themselves with this one.

Bottom line; LINED brilliantly culmimates this neat pattern of AMON AMARTH-esque hymns, with their own signature trademark offering core-like snarls that gets blood pumping in no time. "Soulcrifice"

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Bad Omen
2. Rotten Society
3. Buried Alive
4. Nowhere to Run
5. Slaves
6. Devil
7. Still Outdated
8. Parasite
9. Betrayed
10. The Reaper
11. Soulcrifice
Imanol Roman - Guitars
Ruben Conejo - Drums (2007-present)
Andoni Barkero - Guitars (2007-present)
Aitor Atxa - Vocals (Lead) (2018-present)
Iker Hervás - Bass (2019-present)
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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