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Lionheart – Live at Summer Breeze

Live at Summer Breeze
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 23 January 2021, 9:12 AM

It’s the Year 2020. Corona Virus shuts down the whole Event Industry. Almost every show/festival got cancelled all over the globe. Affected by the pandemic, LIONHEART surprises us with a Live Recording from their appearance at Summer Breeze Festival 2019. Everyone who ever attended a LIONHEART show will confirm: this is pure good times. High energy level, stage dives, crowd surfs and hard mosh is what we call a perfect LIONHEART Show. So, while all festivals got canceled, just get your own festival vibe into your living room. The album contains 13 tracks.

The live album kicks off with “Cali Stomp;” a short shouting sequence that I can’t quite make out. “That’s why we don’t need no intro” Watson screams. It’s a form of Hardcore/Metalcore. “Hail Mary” is a little bit longer. You don’t need long songs with the level of intensity the band brings. Watson sings in a rap type style, with shouted backing vocals as well. The guitars don’t venture too far from open notes, and the tone of the bass is killer. “Vultures” clocks in at just over three minutes. Watson starts a crowd chant with “hey, hey, hey, hey.” The sound is heavy and aggressive, and the band brings an energy along with a lot of swear words.

“Pain” is a quick two-and-a-half minutes of rage and anger. The breakdown is especially brutal, but the songs tend to blend together with a similar sound. “Still Bitter, Still Cold” features a rapping sequence reminiscent of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES for me. They lay on those open notes, and end with “smoke weed every day.” “Keep Talkin’” is more of the same, as they encourage fans to create a circle pit. It has a slow and heavy groove with plenty of expletives. “Trial by Fire” opens with bass notes and rapping vocals, with occasional big guitar strikes. At this point in the album, there is little diversity.

“Lockjaw” is a short song with intensity in both the instruments and the vocals. He trades off the vocals to another singer for a spell. “Love Don’t Live Here” features equal doses of bass, guitar and drums, with shouted vocals. He ends with “open this fucking pit up…open it up.” “Rest in Power” is another shorter song that begins with someone shouting in a foreign language. The music is fast and pulverizing, but how many circle pits does the crowd have to open for the band to be happy? “Fight for your Right” is indeed a cover of the infamous song. Their take on it is pretty honest, and it clocks in at under two minutes. They use the song to introduce the band for the most part.

“LHHC” is a three-minute burner where the band encourages the crowd to surf. It could be any other track on the album, as they sound nearly identical to one another. “Going Back to the Bay” is a short closing song, with the same sound as the other tracks. Seriously, I do not understand how they could possibly write the album in any other period of time than more than 24 hours in total.

The band obviously has a big following but for me, the music is repetitive. Sure, it’s hard and heavy, but mot much beyond that. I really don’t think they give a rat’s ass what I think about them or the album, but for me, music needs to be dynamic. It very much is not. They just do not challenge themselves to grow much. They found a sound that they like and just stick with it. On one level you can appreciate that, but on another level, it just means there will never be surprises, which for me is one of the best parts about music.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 3
Memorability: 2
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Cali Stomp
2. Hail Mary
3. Vultures
4. Pain
5. Still Bitter, Still Cold
6. Keep Talkin’
7. Trial by Fire
8. Lockjaw
9. Love Don’t Live Here
10. Rest in Power
11. Fight for your Right
12. LHHC
13. Going back to the Bay
Rob Watson – Vocals
Nick Warner – Guitars
Walle Etzel – Guitars
Richard Matthews – Bass
Jay Scott – Drums
Record Label: Arising Empire Records


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