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Liquid Meat - In Meat We Trust Award winner

Liquid Meat
In Meat We Trust
by Paulomaniaco at 19 September 2014, 10:35 AM

This German band LIQUID MEAT was actually formed in Los Angeles in 2004 by German born Freddie Mack and after having played tones of gigs there and having a quite bit of success in the USA, in 2011 Freddie got sick of the American way with all the bullshit and crap food that he had to bare, I mean 19 years he surely deserves a medal for that. Nevermind; upon his return to his home town Munich home of the best beers in the world he was asked to perform at the Wacken Open Air in 2013 so he had to recruit new members for his beloved band and the mission was fulfilled with the addition of Manu and Max and off they went to feed those hungry Europeans with that quite tasty LIQUID MEAT. Germans are known for being a big drinkers of that magic brew and to go well along with that what about some cool Rock And Roll mixed up with some Punk, Blues, Funk and Old School Heavy Metal, hang on, one more drink please!!! That's exactly what they are about, drinking, partying hard and Rock On!!!!

The album opens with "Liquid Meat Anthem", very good bass sound and simple riffs, nothing very complicated and over the top. "They Lied" quite innovative and with lots of variations, blues, funk, Rock And Roll, it is not what I normally listen to, actually I don't listen to that at all, but I have to be fair with them, very witty indeed. "Fuck That Shit", "There Is No God" are cool songs, it has that Punk influence and at times quite aggressive and abusive, that's totally fine. Fans of INFECTIOUS GROOVES will love this album. What really got my attention was the bass work by Max, all over the place, very heavy and great skills, overall the band kicks asses, great musicians really; Freddie, Manu and Max, you guys rule!! I am sure it would be very interesting to party with you guys. Germans are well known for making good music, whether is Metal or not it doesn't really matter, what matter is, they always deliver the goods, "In Germans We Trust" ;I mean "In Meat We Trust" an excellent album indeed and the production top notch by the infamous producer Reinhold Mack, no need to say more!

4 Star Rating

1. Liquid Meat Anthem
2. They Lied
3. Punch The Clock
4. Doubled Standard Blues
5. Black Out
6. There Is No God
7. Guilty As Charged
8. Rock 'N Roll Will Never Die
9. Up Against The Wall
10. Road House
11. Fuck That Shit
12. Smoke 'Em
13. The Devil's Music
Freddie Mack - Guitars And Vocals
Manu Holmer - Drums, Percussions And Backing Vocals
Max Horch - Bass And Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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